May Boxycharm

Hey guys! I am here with another month of my Boxycharm! This month’s theme was Boxy Bash, in celebration of Boxycharm’s five year birthday. Everyone received six products as apart of this month’s birthday theme.

Photo 2018-05-20, 12 37 52 PM

The first product is the PUR Sculptor Palette. I really like PUR’s face products. They are creamy, pigmented and blend really well. The highlight shades give a blinding glow without looking too glittery. The contour shades are quite dark, I might be able to use them with a light hand or once I get more tan. But they will work beautiful for people with darker skin tones. But the highlights are so good that I don’t mind being able to only use half the palette. Price: $30 USD

Next is the Cover FX Blurring Primer. I’ve heard really good reviews and was excited to try this primer, because I always like a pore minimizing primer. It’s good, but I can’t tell if I like it more or less than my Smashbox or Benefit primers. I definitely notice a difference in wearing a primer vs. not wearing a primer, but I can’t really tell a difference between my primers. I think I need to more thoroughly test this primer more. Overall I am happy to receive a full size expensive primer! Price: $36 USD/$46 CAD

Probably the best packaging every goes to the eyeliner I received from Pretty Vulgar. The Ink Gel Eyeliner comes in a jar that looks like an ink pot. I don’t use gel eyeliner very often, so I struggled a little bit using the product due to lack of skill. This gel is creamy though and glides easily on the eye. Once this eyeliner dries down it does not move unless you put it on your waterline. I put it on my eyelid and it did not move, but I also put it on my waterline and smeared everywhere. As well, because I’m not a pro at gel eyeliner and didn’t have a good brush (*cough* I don’t like the Aesthetica brush *cough*) I had to try and fix my eyeliner and it would not budge. As well, at the end of the night I had troubles removing all the eyeliner. Even after scrubbing my eyes (more than I should) I still had a thin line of eyeliner the next day. In summary, this eyeliner is not for the faint of heart. I will probably use it once I get a better eyeliner brush and when I need my eyeliner to last all day, but it won’t be my everyday eyeliner. Price: $24.00

I received four brushes in total from Aesthetica. The P12 Face Brush and a 3 Piece Eye Trio. I am kinda dissapointed in these brushes. Boxycharm has sent some really nice brushes, like the Luxie brushes, but these ones are not worth their price. Morphe brushes are way better quality than these. First when they arrived in the mail they smelled disgusting, like bad chemicals. Luckily after washing them the scent went away. The face brush is soft but only does a medicore job of applying product. Both the brush hairs and handle feel cheap. Both the eyeliner and brow brush in the eye trio are thick, and I prefer very thin brushes for eyeliner and doing my brows. The only brush that I had no problem with was the spoolie. Overall very unimpressed with these brushes. Price: $27 for face brush and $45 for trio.

The final product was the Beauty Creations Matte Lip Gloss in the shade Sweat Heart. Not sure why it’s called a lip gloss because it’s definitely a matte lippie. It’s not to drying, the only annoying thing is that after a few hours there is a lipstick gunk line that forms. Not the most flattering but easy enough to fix by just wiping it away. It is a nice nude shade, and I will definitely wear this lippie again. Price: $10.00

Photo 2018-06-02, 12 48 46 PM

Overall, even though I don’t like the brushes I don’t think this was a bad box. I think with practice I would like the eyeliner more, and I like the primer, face palette and liquid lipstick. Not the worst box but not the best. What did you guys think of May’s box? Let me know in the comments!



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