Cover FX Power Play Foundation Review

Hey guys! So today I have decided to review the Cover FX Power Play Foundation after hearing a few Youtubers rave about it. Now because this foundation is not cheap, its $52 CAD, I decided to just get a sample from my local Sephora.

cover fx 1

I decided to try this foundation because it sounded like an oily girl’s dream. I have very oily skin, and I’m constantly looking for a matte foundation that helps control shine and stays all day. The Cover FX foundation is supposed to do exactly what I want.

What I was really impressed with is the shade range! There are over 40 shades so there is a shade for everyone. I prefer a neutral undertone for my foundation, and not every line carries neutral shades. The shade N25 fits me perfectly right now.

I tried applying the foundation with both a brush and a sponge and I much prefer how the foundation looks with sponge. Using the sponge helps the foundation look less powdery because (surprise!) it has a very powdery finish on the skin. I wasn’t sure if I liked how the foundation looked but once I finished my makeup I liked how it looks way better. I would not saw it’s very full coverage because I could see acne scarring and my freckles on my nose peeking through the foundation. I tried to build it up but I find it became cakey so I would just stick to one layer.

The first time I wore the foundation I had mixed feeling about it. I put this foundation on around noon. By 3pm, right before I had to go to work, I was looking a little oily but my makeup was still looking fresh (photo below of my makeup at 3pm). By 8pm, about half way through by shift I was very oily but my makeup was still intact. By this point my bronzer/blush/highlight would have faded with other foundations, but with the Cover FX foundation they were still visible. By the time I got home my face was very oily in my normal oily spots, but what impressed me was that my makeup was still on the face. It had not wiped off or broken up. I was happy that it lasted all day, but I was so shiny which I am not a fan of.

The second time I wore the foundation was to my friend’s party. This time I didn’t have the same expectations of it staying shine-free the whole day. I put my foundation on around 3pm, and touched it up at around 8pm. It was shiny, but some setting powder helped get rid shine and kept me looking fresh the rest of the night.

In summary, I like this foundation. It stays all day and keeps my face makeup in take. It has a beautiful matte finish, but some of my other foundations do a better job at controlling my oil. I think this foundation would be good for an event or something where you want your makeup to look food all night but also have the opportunity to do a few touch ups. I don’t think I will purchase this foundation just because I don’t see myself wearing it every day. But I might grab a sample of it for a special occasion.

And that is my review of the Cover FX Powder Play foundation. Let me know if I should do this again, and if so with what foundation?



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