Book Review 002

Hey guys! I know it’s been awhile since my last book review, and that’s because it has taken me forever to finish the series in today’s post. I started the first book back in August and I just finished the last book a couple weeks ago. To be fair, I do find it harder to read during the school year, especially when I am also binging a tv show. Even though this series took me forever to read, I still absolutely loved it. Today’s book review is going to be on the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard.

feb 2019 002

The Red Queen series is comprised of four novels: Red QueenGlass Sword, King’s Cage and War Storm. The story is set in the future where the world is divided by two types of blood – red and silver. Those with silver blood have superpowers and have enslaved the regular red bloods. The main character, Mare, discovers that she has a third type of blood which enables her and others to have stronger powers than those with silver blood. Mare is forced to pretend she is a long-lost princess in the first book, and the following books focus on a civil war breaking out through the country.

If I were to sum up this book, I would say it’s Game of Thrones with superpowers. I think my favourite part of this whole series is the world that Aveyard has created. It has many political elements that makes GoT so popular, like having a bunch of different royal houses. The super powers are what makes this novel stand out. Each house a different power, and then the newbloods (which the main character Mare is) all have very unique powers. Aveyard’s descriptions of the powers are amazing, so much that I can picture what it would be like to control fire, water, electricity, etc.

I think Aveyard did a great job of developing the characters throughout the series. The characters had depth and had flaws, making them more life-like. Mare is a quite negative and cynical character, which sometimes made her insufferable but it is also understandable given all that she goes through the series. Also I loved Cal, her love interest. Like I want a Cal in my life haha.

The only negative for me is that this series, especially the last two novels, are very long and drawn out. The third book was definitely my least favourite because I found it pretty repetitive. I honestly found some parts of it boring. The other thing I didn’t was that while the last too books are drawn out I found the ending rushed. *Minor spoiler* there are a ton of battles within the later books, and the climax of the book is a battle scene. Compared to some of the others in this series, I found that the last one was very quick in comparison. I also found the ending very incomplete. Now this might be so Aveyard can produce a sequel series in the future, but either way I was not very satisfied by the ending.

Overall I really liked this series, mainly because of the amazing world that Aveyard created. If you are looking for a fantasy, dystonia novel with some Game of Thrones level politics, then I would definitely recommend this book. I wouldn’t say this would be everyone’s cup of tea, but if this book sounds interesting to you then I would definitely recommend it because then you would probably love it.

And that is my book review! I will hopefully have another book review coming up within a couple weeks of all the books I read in my English class last semester.



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