February Boxycharm 2019

Hey guys! Happy March! So for those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram (which is @xoxoxoleelee, you should check it out), I posted a poll about when I should post this review. Last week I hadn’t had a chance to fully test out the products in my box yet, so it would have been a first impressions last week or wait until this week for an in-depth review. In-depth review won, which is why my Boxycharm review is going up today! This month’s theme is Afterglow, which I must say compared to the last few isn’t my favourite. I assume it’s joking around with the fact that they have the TooFaced Better than Sex mascara in the box. Anyways, here is the box!

Photo 2019-02-15, 12 35 39 PM

So the first big item in the box is the TooFaced Better than Sex Mascara. Now I know this is a classic mascara that is a fan favourite, so I was excited to try it for myself. Now I am going to just say, I’m not a huge fan of this mascara BUT it is still a good mascara. I know that might sound contradictory but here me out. I have realized after trying a few mascaras that most mascaras are either lengthening or volumizing. Rarely will you get one that is good at both. This is a very good volumizing mascara, but I have just come to realize that I prefer lengthening mascara. The only thing is that the brush is very big, so I find it very easy to get mascara on my eyelids. Be careful when applying, otherwise this is a good mascara. Price: $24 USD or $31 CAD

Next is the Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer. Primers are a beauty product that take awhile for me decide how I feel about them. I believe because there are so many things that must work with a primer. It’s performance can be affected by what foundation and powder is used with it. I also find some primers are good with some foundations and bad with others. I have been testing this out and honestly I am still unsure about this primer – which I definitely think says something. I didn’t instantly fall in love with it and I didn’t instantly hate it. What I have noticed so far is that it does make my pores look smaller and my skin looks smoother. But I also find that my foundation kind of sits on top of my foundation and doesn’t properly sink into my skin. I also haven’t noticed a difference in making my skin look any less oily. If you were curious about this primer I would say try it for yourself to see how you feel, but this isn’t a primer that I think everyone should go out and get. Price: $18 USD or $23 CAD

Next is the Pretty Vulgar Bronzed B Bronzer in the shade Bronzer Mannikin. Now I didn’t realized that this bronzer is for medium-deep skin tones until I looked it up to link but it makes so much sense now. I was finding that this bronzer was just a little too dark and a little too warm for my skin currently. I think once it’s summer that I would like this bronzer more. The other thing is that this bronzer is very pigmented, so the fact that it is too dark it very obvious. I have to use a very light hand and tap off any excess. For bronzers and blushes I personally prefer formulas that are more buildable than pigmented, because I find it very easy to go overboard with these products. I don’t think this is a bad bronzer, just maybe if I had the lighter shade I would like it more. Price: $32 USD or $39 CAD

I am SO happy that I got this product!!! I know that there was a few variations, and I am very happy that I was able to get the Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream. I love the smell of coconut, so I was thinking of buying this cream. I am glad I waited since I got it in my box. I really like the original, but I think I might like this one more. First the actual formula is different, and I find this one soooo much more mositurizing. I have used it every day I shower and wow I have noticed a difference in my skin texture. The scent is strong but isn’t as lingering which I prefer. But wow the scent. Like I said I love coconut, but this isn’t your Hawiian Tropics sunscreen coconut (which I still love btw). This is a warm coconut smell, which I love for the winter. I already know I will be purchasing another jar once I finish the one I got in my box. I suggest everyone goes and smells this cream for themselves, and if you like the scent definitely buy it! Price: $20 USD or $25 CAD for 2.5 oz

The final product is the Nude Stix Magnetic Luminous Eye Colour. I got the shade Copper Foil, which is a very warm, light copper shade. I am actual very happy to receive this product instead of another eye shadow palette because I actual don’t own any eyeshadow sticks so this was fun to try. I think luminous is really the best way to describe this this stick. I was expecting an intense metallic shade, but instead it a nice creamy wash of shimmer and colour. This pencil is better suited for everyday wear instead of an intense night-out look. I do like this pencil because it was easy to use. I just apply the pencil straight to my lid, and used a matte crease shade it help blend it out. The only thing is that I find that this copper pulls very orange-gold, whereas I prefer a darker copper or just straight up gold. So this is not my favourite shade, but it’s still nice. If there is a shade you like then I would recommend trying it out! Price: $24 USD

The overall total for the box is $118 USD. I really liked this box! There were no horrible products in the box, and I think anything I am not a huge fan of is because of personal preference and not because the product was bad. But the Sol de Janeiro cream just totally made this box though, if I had received a different variation I might feel differently. What are your thoughts on these products? Let me know in the comments!



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