Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Gel Review

Hey guys! Today I am sharing my review of the Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Gel. When I saw that ABH was releasing a tinted brow gel, I knew immediately that I was going to pick it up. I love their brow products, and I have been using the Brow Wiz since high school. There is a wide range of shades, which match with their Brow Wiz range. I got the shade Medium Brown, and it was $23 CAD.

Photo 2019-03-14, 11 05 19 AM

I have their clear brow gel, but I had never tried a tinted brow gel before. Using a tinted brow gel takes some getting used to. This formula is very wet, so it’s pretty easy to accidentally get it on your skin. It comes out pretty easily with some makeup remover if you do mess up. A pro to this wet formula is that can be used with a brush on the skin for a more detailed look. Another issue with the wet formula is that is does take about a minute to fully dry down. The dry down time was longer than their clear brow gel.

I tried the brow gel three different ways. First I tried it by itself, with no other brow products underneath. The gel makes my brows look thicker and fuller. Once I got the hand of using a tinted gel, I was able to pretty quickly brush my brows out for a more natural look. If you are a fan of fluffy brows, you would really like using the gel in this way. My only issue is that I have a few bald spots in my brows, and this method doesn’t cover them.

The second way I used this brow was to set my brows after filling them in. This is method is my favourite way to use the gel. By quickly running my brow pencil through first, I am able to fill in all my bald spots. Going in with the gel makes them look thicker and fuller.

The last method I tried was putting in the brow gel, and then trying to fill in my brows later. This did not work. The brows were very set, so it was hard to run a pencil through after. It just made my hairs go in weird directions. So if you are like me and have bald spots in your brows, fill them in first and then apply the gel.

This brow gel does an amazing job of setting my brows in place, just like their clear gel. I do feel like gel, in a similar way to how you can feel hair gel in your normal hair. It lasted well through the day, unlike my pencil which fades this gel looked the same all day.

What surpised me is that the Dipbrow Gel is smaller than their original gel. The Clear Brow Gel is 0.28 oz while the Dripbrow Gel is 0.155 oz. Now there is a $6 price difference, so you are paying for more product when you get the Clear Brow Gel.

So to summerize, I believe the pros are:

  • pigmented
  • makes brows look thicker and fuller
  • can be used in different ways
  • long lasting

And the cons are:

  • learning curve/can be messy
  • longer dry down time compared to Clear Brow Gel
  • doesn’t cover bold spots

I like the Dipbrow Gel and I am happy that I got it. Would I recommend the product? This is a great brow gel, and I would believe that similar brow gels probably have similar pros and cons. If you are interested in getting a brow gel, I believe that this one would be a great one to try. I believe that is really comes down to personal preference towards brows that will determine whether or not you would like this product. I will definitely continue to use this gel.

And that is my full review of the Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Gel. I would love to know if you guys have tried this product and your thoughts on it! Let me know in the comments down below!



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