Product Empties March 2019

Hey friends! I am back with another product empties! I have a ton of beauty products, and I am trying to use up what I have since I am moving at the end of April. I have finished 13 products since January – I’m pretty impressed with myself. Quite a few I have mentioned before, so I will keep the reviews of those pretty short.

Photo 2019-03-22, 12 47 30 PM

First we have three body lotions/body butters. I have a large collection of body lotions and butters because I like to keep my skin moisturized, especially in the winter. The first is the Delectable by Cake Beauty Lemon & Cream Body Lotion. This is a great drugstore lotion. The scent is amazing, a lemon scent that is more sweet than citrus. I have a lot of body butters which are thicker, but sometimes I like to use a thinner lotion like this one. Very moisturizing and dries down quickly. This lotion also lasted me awhile, which I enjoy since I use so much. Definitely recommend if you like sweet lotions.

Next is the Coconut Oil Body Butter from The Body Shop. If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I just purchased the Mango Body Butter. I really love the coconut scent and was tempted to buy it again. This coconut scent is really nice, not too heavy or sunscreeny. It is also not too overpowering that I smell strongly of coconut the rest of the day. This body butter is also very moisturizing but also absorbs quickly. Finally, a little goes a long way with this product. It took me almost a year to finish this body butter. I highly this body butters, especially since they are a reasonable price for the amount of product you get.

The final body butter is the Lush Sleepy Body Lotion. I love lavender, and I would say this lotion is more of a sweet lavender than a pure lavender. The consistency is right in between the other two body lotions/butters I have mentioned. This not runny but it’s not a super thick cream. When I used to shower at night I really liked this product. I would take the time to rub it in and it helped me relax. Now that I shower in the morning I didn’t use it as often. The lotion is decent, it’s really the scent that makes it amazing. I do think I will pick up another one, but I would only recommend this to those that really love lavender.

The only makeup product I have is another Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Dark Brown. I probably have one of these in every empties post because it is just my favourite brow pencil. It’s the best and I am very faithful to my brow pencil haha.

Next up is a whole bunch of skin care products. One that I will NEVER use again is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel with Sunscreen. If you have been following me for awhile I used to really like the moisturizer, and then I thought it was breaking me out so I stopped using it for a bit. I started using it again on my back. I don’t like to use my regular lotions on my back because it is acne prone and I know that heavily fragranced products wouldn’t be good for it. I should have known that this wasn’t going to work out well. Within a couple of days of using this on my back it broke out so badly. Honestly my back hasn’t been this bad since before I started birth control. I know that people love the Hydro Boost line, and I believe that the reason my skin doesn’t like this one is because of the sunscreen. My skin is super sensitive to sunscreens so that is probably what is breaking me out. I wanted to try and finish this product, but I am throwing it out. Be careful with this one if you have acne prone skin.

Next is another product I always seem to have in my empties – the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. My friend had a sample and knew how much I love this cleanser so she gave it to me. It is just the best gentle cleanser that makes my face feel clean. I use this in the shower and sometimes at night as well. I recommend everyone try this cleanser.

Another repeat product is the Origins Zero Oil Pore Purifying Toner. I like this toner because it makes my skin feel clean but not stripped. Some toners can be really intense and leave my skin feeling tight. I would say this leaves my skin feeling refreshed. I have repurchased this toner and I would definitely recommend to all my fellow oily skin girls.

Next is the Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion Pore Perfecting Exfoliator. I actually received this product in my Boxycharm. While I did finish this product, I will not be repurchasing it. This is a chemical exfolitaor, and I much prefer psychical exfoliators. I just personally felt that I got a better exfoliation from my St. Ives one compared to this. Also if you have dry skin or any dry patches do not use this. I used this once when my skin was feeling a little dry and I got a bad reaction from it. I had a red patch that felt raw for a couple of hours after using this product. This exfoliator is also super expensive, so I will be buying a different exfoliator.

Next up are my two favourite makeup removers – the Garnier Micellar Water and the Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. I used both of these products every night to remove my makeup. While I love both of these, I am looking into maybe switching up to a cleansing oil. I use so many cotton rounds with these products, which is really not sustainable. I currently have a bunch of cotton rounds, so I will continue to use these products while I have them. But once I finish my cotton round supply I might be switching it up.

Another Body Shop product is the Satsuma Shower Gel. It’s funny because I don’t like the Satsuma Body Butter but I really liked the shower gel! I found the scent to be citrusy and bright but not too overpowering. This shower gel was really nice, it suds up nicely. I personally prefer soap bars so I will not be repurchasing it, but if you like gels then this one is a good one!

The final products are hair ones. First is the Garnier Fructis Damage Repairing Treat 1 Minute Hair Mask. WOW I really liked this hair mask. I like that this is a one minute mask. Now I usually left it in for a few more minutes, but some masks say you need to keep it in for like 10 minutes and I don’t have time for that. I noticed a different in my hair texture with just the one minute. My hair definitely felt softer. I also love the papaya scent, it’s very refreshing. A great drugstore mask, I would definitely recommend!

The final product is the Tresemme Flawless Curls Mousse. This was the first mousse that I have ever tried and I really liked it! I definitely noticed a huge difference when I didn’t use this mousse. Having long hair means that my curls get weighted down, but using this mousse helps them retain their shape. It definitely takes a few uses to figure out the correct amount to use. I used the full bottle and it lasted me over 8 months of constant use. I really liked this mousse, but I am currently trying out a different brand since this was the first one I ever used. But I would recommend this mousse because it did a good job!

And those are all my product empties! Let me know if you guys have any product recommendations, I am always down to try new products 🙂



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