Colourpop Zodiac Palette Review + Four Makeup Looks

Hey friends! So today’s post is a little different. I got the Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Zodiac palette right when it released last summer. When I got the palette I knew I wanted to do some fun looks with the palette, but I didn’t have time when I first got in. Fast forward to today, I have finally completed the four looks for the palette! First I am going to explain my looks and then I will give my full review of the palette.

Photo 2019-03-07, 1 56 47 PM

So for those of you who don’t know much about astrology, there are twelve signs that fall under four elements – fire, air, water and earth. I decided to do a look for each of the four elements, using the three shades for each element.

First I did fire. Fun fact: my sun sign is Aries and my rising sign is Sagittarius (my moon sign is Pisces lol I have a weird combination) so there is a ton of fire in my birth chart. So of course I started with fire! For this look, I put the Sagittarius in my crease and lower lash line, then I put the Aries on my lid and the Leo in my inner corner. I liked this look because it was bold and colourful, just like fire signs!

The next sign is earth, which includes Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. With all these neutral shades I decided to do a smokey eye. I used the Taurus and the Virgo in the crease, and then put the Capricorn all over the lid. This look was so easy to do and I think it turned out so great! I would totally wear this on a night out. Also the liquid lipstick I am wearing in this look is the Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Verona.

The third look is for air, which includes Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. I was originally thinking of doing a blue liner with the Aquarius, but it wasn’t working out so I put it on my lower lash line. I put the Libra in my crease and then the Gemini all over my lid. I think the final look was quite airy and elegant.

The final look is for the water signs, which includes Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. All of the other signs had matte shades that went together, but the water signs were all very different. Since I needed something in my crease, I used Sagittarius. Then I put Pisces on the inner half of my lid and then Scorpio in the outer half of my lid. I then put Cancer in my inner corner.

And now for the full review of the palette. I just going to start the review by saying that while the palette was fun to play with, I wouldn’t recommend everyone to go out and get it.

The quality of the eyeshadows are like any other Colourpop shadows, which if you haven’t tried them is pretty good. I find that the mattes are pretty pigmented and blended out really well. The Aquarius shade was the only one that I was slightly disappointed with. I expected it to be very bright and found it was very muted. The shimmers are really nice. I find that they are a really nice wash of colour, but I can wet them with setting spray and they are really foiled and pigmented.

I was able to create some really cool looks with this palette, and I also created a few wearable looks as well. I like to use the Taurus or the Libra in the crease and then a some of the shimmers on the lid. That being said, this is not the best everyday palette. I think this is a fun palette that encourages me to be creative, but for the average person this palette is a little out there. If you like astrology or Kathleen Lights, then I recommend this palette. Otherwise I would recommend some of Colourpop’s other palettes.

And that is my full review of the Colourop Zodiac palette! This post was a really fun way to do a review of an eyeshadow palette. I hope you enjoyed my looks, let me known which one was your favourite!



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