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Hey guys! So I watch a ton of Youtube. Like in university I would watch Youtube whenever I ate a meal and whenever I wanted a study aka all the time. Now I watch a variety of Youtubers, but today I am sharing some of my favourites. The ones I will be sharing today are all beauty and fashion/lifestyle. If you are curious what some of my other fave Youtubers are, let me know and I can always do a part two!

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Probably My Favourite Youtuber – Allegra Shaw

I have a lot of favourites, but I think Allegra Shaw might be my favourite. Allegra is known for her fashion content, pretty sure she got famous for her changing videos. But the reason why I like Allegra is because of her personality. She posts weekly vlogs that are just so simple and show her personality so well. Some vloggers do vacation vlogs with drones and fancy shots, while Allegra’s are just simple clips of her and her friends hanging out. She is also a Canadian Youtubers based in Toronto, so it’s so cool seeing her around the city. Like I just want to be friends with her.

My Other Favourite Youtuber – Allana Davison

Another Canadian queen. I actually found Allana Davison through Allegra. Allana is also very down-to-earth and super funny. Like during her videos she makes durpy faces and funny noises. Plus I love her cat. Allana posts a variety of videos, ranging from beauty, fashion and vlogs. Allana is also get about talking about Canada things and products, so she feels super relate-able to me. Finally, Allana does simple but cool makeup, so it is easy to recreate her looks. She doesn’t wear crazy falsies so she is very approachable for the average makeup-wearer.

I Always Laugh but also Learn Something while Watching her Videos – Samantha Ravndahl

Guys, I just have a thing for Canadian Youtubers okay? But actually Samantha Ravndahl is amazing. Her humour is so similar to mine, she always manages to make her laugh out loud. Sam is a trained makeup artist, so she does beautiful tutorials and is really good at reviewing products. I find her videos to be very informational. I’ve shared so many of her videos with my friends because she is amazing at explaining. I also recommend reading her description boxes because they’re really funny too.

The First Beauty Youtuber that I Watched – RachhLoves

I found RachhLoves about four years ago, when I really started to get into makeup. I found her because I was looking for some drugstore makeup, and as a Canadian she suggested products I could actually purchase. I find that she is very through in her reviews, and I have bought some many good products from her recommendations.

Queen of Product Reviews – Tati

I known that some shady stuff went down with her and James Charles back in May, but at the end of the day I trust her opinions so much on makeup. Tati is such a great product reviewer. I have bought some many products that she has recommended. She is extremely through, giving wear tests and will often give dupes/similar products for expensive items. A great Youtuber to check out if you are interested in makeup reviews.

Crazy Makeup Fun Girl – Keilidh MUA

I find Keilidh MUA so inspirational. I get so many ideas for makeup looks from her. But she is also so fun to watch. I also lover her Irish accent. I think a big thing is that Keilidh is only a year older than me, so I relate to so many things that are going on in her life as well. Keilidh is great if you are looking just for some fun makeup related videos.

Alexa, Play Glam&Gore

Listen, I am awful at SFX makeup. But I still watch all of Mykie’s (Glam&Gore) makeup tutorials because she is hilarious. Mykie is currently on break, but I am literally counting down the days until she comes back. She is a fabulous storyteller, but also super creative. I laugh the whole time as she does her makeup, and then I am amazed at the end at the final product. Not for the faint of heart, because some of her looks are crazy good. Come back soon Mykie!

Does Tutorials That You Can Actually Recreate – Kathleen Lights

Kathleen Lights does the most beautiful makeup looks and tutorials, but they are actually are pretty simple and easy to re-create. Kathleen also reviews tons of drugstore/affordable makeup, so I can actually afford her recommendations. Plus she is actually the reason I decided to get Boxycharm, because I love watching her reviews of the boxes.

Another Canadian Queen – Alex Centomo

What can I say, I love Canadian Youtubers. Alex is from Montreal, which is where my mom’s side of the family is from. Even though she’s English, she still reminds me of my French Canadian family. I also love her style, I find that is very similar to mine. I also like how Alex is very vocal about mental health, talking honestly and openly about it. She discusses a wide range of topics, so it’s not always the same thing on her channel. I really enjoy the variety.

My Idol, Who I Strive to Be Life – SunbeamsJess

I want to be like Jess. I discovered her when she was finishing up her last year of university. It was motivating to watch her balance Youtube, a blog and post-secondary education. She also discusses a wide variety of things on her channel. She does fashion content, beauty content, book reviews and vlogs. It was watching her that I kind of realized that I don’t have to pigeon hole myself into one niche. I can talk about makeup but also do book reviews at the same time. She also have the most soft, soothing British accent, it’s very calming to watch her videos.

And those are TEN of my favourite Youtubers! Let me know down in the comments below who your favourite Youtubers are!



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