Colourpop Haul Part 2

Hey guys! The long awaited part two to my Colourpop haul! Took me almost a month to get this up, and I am very sorry about that. Today’s focus is all the ‘fun’ products aka tons of glitter. Most of these products are not for everyday wear but for fun makeup, so that’s why it took me longer to review these products. The only products I haven’t really tested are the Creme Gel liners, but everything else I have a definite opinion about. So without further ado, my review:

Photo 2019-08-13, 12 54 27 PM
For other products not mentioned, check out my Colourpop Haul Part 1

First up are the most wearable/everyday products – the Colourpop Super Shock Shadows (or SSS for short). I love Colourpop’s SSS, and I highly recommend them to everyone. I got the shades Ladybird (worn in photo below), Set to Stun, and Drift. I like this formula because they all have a base colour along with a ton of glitter and shimmer. They add such a mutli-dimensional look to the eyes. They are also super easy to apply, I just use my finger and swipe it across my eye lids. Colourpop has such a wide range of shades, I am sure you can find a shade you look. I highly recommend this product.

Photo 2019-08-15, 2 22 13 PM (1)

The next product is not as easy to use as the SSS, but still pretty user friendly. I got one of their pressed glitters in the shade Get Lost. It has a base of gold glitter, with larger holographic glitter without. Colourpop is also introducing this formula in some of their palettes. I really like this glitter. It is way less messy than using loose glitter. I used a brush to apply the product, but a finger would also do. I am not sure how long lasting it would be, since I didn’t keep my makeup look on for long. But for $5 USD, I think this is a great way to get glitter if you are interested in trying it out.

Now moving onto something a little more finicky is the Colourpop Jelly Much Shadow. I got mine is the shadow Whistlin Pixie, which is a gorgeous red-brown with a gold sheen. I liked this product and I would use it again, but it does take some work. The product dries down very quickly, so it can be hard to blend out. If you have the patience it can look really nice. But I would suggest the Super Shock Shadows over this product.

Probably the hardest to use are the Loose Pigments from Colourpop, but that is to be expected. Loose pigments are difficult to use, that is why most eye shadows are pressed and not loose. The two pigmented I got were Redzone (pale champagne) and Gotta Jet (holographic glitter). I like Redzone better because it is pigment instead of just glitter. That means that Redzone has a base colour along with the glitter, whereas Gotta Jet is just pure glitter with no base colour underneath. So I tried to pack Gotta Jet along my lash line to do a liner effect, and it didn’t work because there is no base colour to it. Gotta Jet would look the best and just a loose dusting over top another shadow. Redzone, on the other hand, and be worn along since it has pigment underneath. It is a lighter shade on me, so I would mainly use it for highlighting purposes. I would get another loose pigment similar to Redzone, but probably not another glitter since I found Gotta Jet difficult to use. Overall these are not the most user-friendly products, definitely for more advanced users looking to step up their looks than for the average users.

The final product is the Glitterly Obsessed Body Glitter in the shade Ur A Firework. This is a thick, chunky glitter that is meant for the face, body and hair – not the eyes. I use this lightly on top of my highlight and it looked for fun. I would love to use this product for a music festival or for fun Halloween looks. Not an everyday product, but for $8 it was worth picking up for me.

And that is my Colourpop haul! Not exactly the most wearable products for the everyday person, but hey these are the products I bought! Let me know which was your favourite look of the four that I did using the products!



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