How I create my bullet journal spreads

Hey guys! Today I am sharing my process of how I create my bujo spreads. Every time I post something about bullet journal on my Instagram (@xoxoxoleelee), I always get so many questions. So I am going to take you through the step-by-step process that I take from start to finish on how I create a weekly spread.

Photo 2020-02-03, 6 23 23 PM

First I figure out what I want to do. Sometimes I have an idea of what I want my spread to look like. If I am really busy a certain week I make my spread simpler. I always like to look at Pinterest to get some inspiration. I have a full board on my account if you want to check it out. This week I wanted to do a cute Valentine’s theme, so I look at photos to get inspiration for that.

Photo 2020-02-03, 6 23 32 PM

Next, I sketch out the boxes for the days of the week. The days of the week as the most important for me, so that’s what I start with. This week I went with eight boxes on one side and made the extra box a ‘next week’ area.

Photo 2020-02-03, 6 31 07 PM

After that I decided if there are any fun pieces that I want to incorporate. I have these flower cutouts that I wanted to use, so I played around with where I wanted them. Then I drew in the outlines for my next elements. This might be different from person to person, but I always have a school to-do list, a regular to-do list, and a blog/Insta schedule. So I draw the outlines for these areas.

Photo 2020-02-03, 6 34 45 PM

Next, step is sketching out any fun design elements. I wanted to do these fun circles for my days of the week, so I sketched them out. I find it easier to do everything in pencil just in case I don’t like something.

Photo 2020-02-03, 6 39 34 PM

After everything has been sketched, I use a pen to draw all my main elements.

Photo 2020-02-03, 6 43 12 PM

To finish off my spread, I add all the cute elements. I glue down my flowers and add the flower pattern as well. Then I went around and added little hearts around the spread. I then erase all my pencil markings and I’m done!

Photo 2020-02-04, 12 28 42 PM

And that is my finished bullet journal spread for this week! I hope you guys found this post helpful. Let me know if you want more bujo content!



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