How I create my bullet journal spreads

Hey guys! Today I am sharing my process of how I create my bujo spreads. Every time I post something about bullet journal on my Instagram (@xoxoxoleelee), I always get so many questions. So I am going to take you through the step-by-step process that I take from start to finish on how I create a weekly spread.

Photo 2020-02-03, 6 23 23 PM

First I figure out what I want to do. Sometimes I have an idea of what I want my spread to look like. If I am really busy a certain week I make my spread simpler. I always like to look at Pinterest to get some inspiration. I have a full board on my account if you want to check it out. This week I wanted to do a cute Valentine’s theme, so I look at photos to get inspiration for that.

Photo 2020-02-03, 6 23 32 PM

Next, I sketch out the boxes for the days of the week. The days of the week as the most important for me, so that’s what I start with. This week I went with eight boxes on one side and made the extra box a ‘next week’ area.

Photo 2020-02-03, 6 31 07 PM

After that I decided if there are any fun pieces that I want to incorporate. I have these flower cutouts that I wanted to use, so I played around with where I wanted them. Then I drew in the outlines for my next elements. This might be different from person to person, but I always have a school to-do list, a regular to-do list, and a blog/Insta schedule. So I draw the outlines for these areas.

Photo 2020-02-03, 6 34 45 PM

Next, step is sketching out any fun design elements. I wanted to do these fun circles for my days of the week, so I sketched them out. I find it easier to do everything in pencil just in case I don’t like something.

Photo 2020-02-03, 6 39 34 PM

After everything has been sketched, I use a pen to draw all my main elements.

Photo 2020-02-03, 6 43 12 PM

To finish off my spread, I add all the cute elements. I glue down my flowers and add the flower pattern as well. Then I went around and added little hearts around the spread. I then erase all my pencil markings and I’m done!

Photo 2020-02-04, 12 28 42 PM

And that is my finished bullet journal spread for this week! I hope you guys found this post helpful. Let me know if you want more bujo content!



How I Use My Bullet Journal to Stay Organized

Hey guys! So as apart of my back-to-school series, today I am sharing how I use my bullet journal to stay organized. One of the reasons I was able to stay (relatively) sane during school was because of my bullet journal. I balanced five courses, a part-time job, clubs and this blog because of my bullet journal. Today I am sharing specifically how I use my bullet journal for school.

Photo 2019-08-27, 9 02 42 AM

So first I create a four month outlook. My school semesters are four months long, so that is why I do four. At the beginning of the semester I get all my syllabuses and input all my assignments, quizzes, presentations etc. into my four month calendar. This way at a quick glance I know what my semester is going to look like. Often times professors all like to have assignments or midterms at the same time, usually near reading week and at the end of the semester. By having a four month outlook I am able to tell when I am going to have a busy week and can plan accordingly. This is also helpful for being able to book other things, like appointments or when I can work. I will often transfer most of the info into a monthly calendar as well, but I will offer refer back when I need a broader picture.

Photo 2019-08-27, 9 03 41 AM

Next for my weekly spread, I have all the days of the week as well as to-do lists. I split them into regular to-do list and school to-do. I find that having both combined too confusing and overwhelming. Often I will do things on my school to-do list before moving over to my regular to-do list. I will also put things on this to-do list that might not go on my four month outlook. Say I have an essay due, I will often break down having to do reading, research and writing into separate to-dos on my school list. From this to-do list, I will then write on the days of the week which tasks I will do which days. For example, in the picture example above, I have the tasks of CMST 2HC3 reading and post. I have on Monday that I am doing the reading and then on Tuesday that I will start the post and finish the post on Wednesday. At the end of the week if I have any outstanding work I will put it on the next week’s spread.

Photo 2019-08-27, 9 04 08 AM

Finally, when it comes to midterms and exams I will use my bullet journal to create study lists. I will write out all the content I have to review and check it off as I go. Professors may sometimes give study guides, or sometimes they just say you need to know everything (so helpful haha). So I find writing it out easier for me to know what I have to review. Plus it feels rewarding to be able to check something off after I have reviewed it.

And those are just a few things I do to keep organized during the school year. If you want more bullet journal content or studying content, let me know down below in the comments!



Bullet Journal 2018

Hey guys! So this year I decided to start a bullet journal and I absolutely love it! So I thought since the new month is about to begin, I would share a few things that I learned about bullet journaling just in case you guys were thinking of starting one too!

Photo 2018-01-28, 3 25 33 PM

Just to be clear, you guys don’t have to restrict starting at the beginning of a new month! You can start whenever. I have showed a few people my bullet journal, and whenever they see it they’re always like “I can’t do this, it invovles too much work/creativity/whatever”. It’s important to remember it’s your bullet journal. So you can do whatever you like! I have just offering some suggestions/ideas, because I personally love searching Instagram and Pinterest for ideas.

My bullet journal is the Leuchtturm1917, which I got from Chapters. I like it, but almost any pen I use bleeds through the paper (this means that you can see what you written on the other side of the page). If this bothers you I would not recommend this one, but otherwise it’s great! It has nice ribbon to bookmark, a elastic to hold it together and many helpful bullet journal things like an index and page numbers already built it. Another thing to note is whether to get a grid or dotted journal. Grid is similar to grid paper while dotted is kind of like gird just minus the lines connecting all the boxes together. It’s really up to personal preference – I just like the look of dots more, and I don’t need the squares to draw straight lines.

For pens I didn’t want to spend a lot of money just in case I didn’t like bullet journaling. So I got a pack of Sharpie felt tips which came with black, green, blue and red. Then I got another pack of coloured felt tip pens from Dollarama. As I started to get more into it over the month, I bought a pack of Stabilo BOSS Pastel Highlighters from Amazon. Also Michaels had a sale on their scrap booking stuff, so I was able to get a bunch of stickers and washi tape there for super cheap! Always look for sales!!!

Next I am going to show you guys some pictures of my spreads and explain what I did and why I like it. And the end I’m also going to show a simpler example of a bullet journal spread since mine are pretty creative.

Photo 2018-01-28, 3 25 54 PM

My first spread is my future log for 2018. On the left I have the year and my resolutions and then on the right I have all the month spread out. I like having this by seeing my resolutions written down it reminds me of them. I also like having all the months written out that way if I have to quickly look up a date farther in the year it’s easy to find.

Photo 2018-01-28, 3 26 12 PM

A second option for a future log is one that is shorter than a year but longer than a month. Now since I am a university student and our semester are four months long, it made the most sense for me to put in a future log where I can put all my assignment. So this log has all my assignments for my Winter Term. You can put other dates or appointments in your log, but I kept my strictly school related. Sometimes I make mistakes when doing my bullet journal. I usually use white out, but as you can see in March, I decided to cut out a piece of paper and cover the whole area since it was going to be too much to white out. This is a really easy way to fix large mistakes. It is also possible to use pretty coloured paper to makes your mistakes purposeful. (Also looked at my February, I have so many midterms and assignment it’s going to be awful! #rip)

Photo 2018-01-28, 3 26 19 PM

Now this is completely optional, but I decided to do almost like a cover page for the month of January. I like this because it helps split up my months. I found the idea on Pinterest.

Photo 2018-01-28, 3 27 50 PM

Monthly spreads are very useful! There are many different ways to do monthly spreads, but I prefer the full calendar month approach the most. It’s just the best way for me to visualize my month.  This is where I put all my assignments, appointments, events, etc. I find it helpful to just flip to this page and see what I have to do in later weeks.

Next is the weekly spreads. I have done four so far this month. I have really switched it up with every spread because I am just trying to figure out what does and doesn’t work for me. As you can see from my spreads, I am less of a schedule-every-day person and more of a general to do list person. So I usually put a few things for every day at the beginning of the week and fill in my days as I go. I also put a huge space for my to do list. Other things I like to include is my dinner schedule and a blog schedule for the week. One of my New Years Resolution is to drink more water, so I decided to put a water tracker to help motivate myself to drink more water. There are so many other trackers and things that you can add to your bullet journal.

Weekly spreads don’t have to be complicated though. So this picture is from Pinterest and it shows that bullet journals can be very simple. As well, two of my housemates also have bullet journals and they are very simple. There monthly spread is all the dates written down in a straight line and then space to write done events, appointment, etc. It’s important to do what you find helpful. My bullet journal will probably become simpler as I become busier.

Photo 2018-01-28, 3 26 49 PM

Finally, one of my favourite things about my bullet journal is that I can put lists in the middle of the weeks. Before my bullet journal I have both an agenda and a notebook for all my lists. Now with my bullet journal I have narrowed it done to one book. As you can see I did a cleaning list for my room and also a page to brainstorm ideas for my blog. But you can do whatever you like! Like I’ve said many times, there are so many different ideas online for what you can do.

And that is my bullet journal! Wow this is probably one of the longest posts I have ever written! Let me know if you guys enjoyed this and if you would like be to continue posting stuff about my bullet journal.