How I Use My Bullet Journal to Stay Organized

Hey guys! So as apart of my back-to-school series, today I am sharing how I use my bullet journal to stay organized. One of the reasons I was able to stay (relatively) sane during school was because of my bullet journal. I balanced five courses, a part-time job, clubs and this blog because of my bullet journal. Today I am sharing specifically how I use my bullet journal for school.

Photo 2019-08-27, 9 02 42 AM

So first I create a four month outlook. My school semesters are four months long, so that is why I do four. At the beginning of the semester I get all my syllabuses and input all my assignments, quizzes, presentations etc. into my four month calendar. This way at a quick glance I know what my semester is going to look like. Often times professors all like to have assignments or midterms at the same time, usually near reading week and at the end of the semester. By having a four month outlook I am able to tell when I am going to have a busy week and can plan accordingly. This is also helpful for being able to book other things, like appointments or when I can work. I will often transfer most of the info into a monthly calendar as well, but I will offer refer back when I need a broader picture.

Photo 2019-08-27, 9 03 41 AM

Next for my weekly spread, I have all the days of the week as well as to-do lists. I split them into regular to-do list and school to-do. I find that having both combined too confusing and overwhelming. Often I will do things on my school to-do list before moving over to my regular to-do list. I will also put things on this to-do list that might not go on my four month outlook. Say I have an essay due, I will often break down having to do reading, research and writing into separate to-dos on my school list. From this to-do list, I will then write on the days of the week which tasks I will do which days. For example, in the picture example above, I have the tasks of CMST 2HC3 reading and post. I have on Monday that I am doing the reading and then on Tuesday that I will start the post and finish the post on Wednesday. At the end of the week if I have any outstanding work I will put it on the next week’s spread.

Photo 2019-08-27, 9 04 08 AM

Finally, when it comes to midterms and exams I will use my bullet journal to create study lists. I will write out all the content I have to review and check it off as I go. Professors may sometimes give study guides, or sometimes they just say you need to know everything (so helpful haha). So I find writing it out easier for me to know what I have to review. Plus it feels rewarding to be able to check something off after I have reviewed it.

And those are just a few things I do to keep organized during the school year. If you want more bullet journal content or studying content, let me know down below in the comments!



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