Colourpop Haul Part 1

Hey guys! So about a month now I placed a Colourpop order. I don’t order from Colourpop often, so when I do I usually do a big order. My order came in a couple weeks ago (you would have seen this if you follow my Instagram @xoxoxoleelee). I have mentioned this before, but I am currently working at a pool this summer. Which means that I don’t wear makeup most days, so it is taking me longer than usual to test out products. I have decided to split up my haul into two parts. Some of the products I already have an opinion on, but others I still haven’t tried. So today I have five products, and the rest will be up within a week or two.

Photo 2019-08-22, 12 27 04 PM

First up is the Orange You Glad palette. Colourpop has been releasing these nine pan colourful palettes what seems like every other week. This palette was the newest one when I placed my order, plus I fell in love with the colour story. While a full orange palette might not seem like the most wearable palette, what I like is that you can take one or two of these shades along with a more neutral palette to make a beautiful look. Oranges pair well with browns and golds, so you can easily create a simple glam look that isn’t too bold. Or you can do what I did and go all out (see look below). But the best part of this palette is that the quality is amazing. Even the neon matte shade called Sunkiss’d (which reminds me of Cheetos) is so bright but also soo blendable. I had no problems blending out the shadows. And the photos don’t do them justice, they are so bight and pigmented in real life. Oh also did I mention that this palette is $12USD?? I highly recommend this palette if you like the colours.

Next up is the Lippie Stix in the shade Brink. This lippie is one of their best sellers and it’s currently sold out – for a good reason. I love this lip, it is definitely my new go to. This is such a comfortable matte lipstick. I wouldn’t even call it matte, it’s much closer to a creamy satin. It lasts pretty well through the day. It didn’t really make it through lunch, but it wear away badly like some other lips. The shade is also so nice. It’s a deeper nude, but not dark by any means. Overall I love this lippie, and will be continuing to wear it a ton.

The next lippie is their Lip Tint in the shade Rise n Shine. I featured this lippie in my simple school makeup look. This formula is like a hybrid between a creamy lipstick and a lip gloss. It’s sheerer than a regular lipstick but more pigmented than more lip glosses that I have tried. It’s perfect for a nice wash of colour on the lips. I also really like this peachy shade, it’s great for summer but also to transition into fall.

Next I tried one of their new-ish launches – their Blush Stix. Listen, I have been watching Youtubers rave about cream blushes all summer, especially the NudeStix ones. Now I have never tried cream blush before, so I was a little hesitant to spend $40 CAD on a product I’m not even sure I would like. So I decided to try the Colourpop ones and if I like the idea of cream blush then I might invest in a more expensive one. Well the answer is yes, I want more cream blushes! I got the shade Splash, which is a midtone rose (aka pink). I could rub a brush against the stick and then apply it to my face. It gave me such a fresh face look. It looks so much dewy and lighter than using powder blush. It is less long lasting than powder, but I really enjoy the look. And for $8USD it’s a great product. I definitely want to get a peachy one now.

The final product is a basic but needed one. I got a single pressed power eyeshadow in the shade Hear Me Out. This matte shade matches my skin tone perfectly. I like to use it to set my eyeshadow primer. I had finish a NYX shadow in a similar shade, so I decided to get one from Colourpop to do the job. I just find setting my primer with a shadow helps blend them out better. A pressed powder could also be used, but I like putting this in my magnetic palette with my other shadows so I have all the shadows I need in one place. I would definitely recommend Colourpop’s single eyeshadows, I’ve never had an issue with any of them.

And that is the first part of my Colourpop haul! Stay tuned for part two, which should be coming within the next couple of weeks! Also if you are interested in seeing swatching of all the products that I got, check out my IGTV!



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