Bite Beauty Changemaker Foundation Review

Hey guys! So I have been testing out the new Bite Beauty Changemaker Supercharged Micellar Foundation the past 2.5 weeks. As soon as I heard about this foundation I knew I wanted to purchase it. It’s a medium coverage foundation with a natural finish, which is right up my alley. So here are my thoughts!

Photo 2020-02-11, 2 10 20 PM

First, the shade range is pretty awesome. There are thirty shades and a range of skin tones. I will say it was a little confusing at first because shade L30 and L40 both claim to be light with neutral undertones. I went to Sephora and swatched for myself. I ended up getting L30. L40 would probably be my summer shade. The shade matches me pretty well, but I do find the neutral to be a little pinker than my actual skin tone.

The texture is quite interesting and like nothing I own. It’s thicker and almost puffy in consistency. But it blends out easily with both a sponge and brush. It has fragrance in it, which is something to keep in mind if you are sensitive to that. I personally don’t mind because my favourite drugstore foundation smells horrible. While no scent is best, I rather a nice smell than a bad smell.

Photo 2020-03-02, 7 50 13 AM
Foundation 1 hour after application

The finish of this foundation is amazing. It leaves my skin looking dewy and natural. I actually got a few compliments while wearing this foundation that my skin looks great.

I do find that it sits on top of my skin. That’s fine when I first apply it, but after a while I do find that I can see my texture and my pores underneath. I would recommend using a pore-filling primer with this foundation. It looks better.

My biggest problem with this foundation is that it’s not long-wearing. At about seven hours of wear-time, I still looked dewy but the coverage was starting to go. The redness of my cheeks and the pimple on my chin we’re poking through. At 10 hours the foundation was basically gone. I hate when this happens when my concealer is still intact but my foundation is gone. It looks weird.

So overall I love the finish of this foundation, but it’s not wearing whatsoever. If wear-time is not a concern, then I would definitely recommend this foundation because it looks so good. But if you need a foundation to last all day this is not it. I will continue to use it, but probably for periods of time under 5 hours.

I hope you guys found this review useful! I am curious about what you guys think if you have tried out this foundation. What is your current favourite foundation? Let me know in the comments.



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