Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vol II Palette Review

Hey guys! Today’s review is on the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vol II. I know a lot of people don’t like Jaclyn and Morphe. I decided to purchase this palette because I liked Jaclyn’s first palette. I wanted to see if the quality would be as good as the first one. I also personally loved the colour story. At the end of the day, support who you would like with your money. Objectively I think this palette is great, but if you can’t support the people behind it then don’t buy it.

Photo 2020-02-19, 10 50 30 AM

Volume II is a 35 pan palette, the same as the original. There are some similars in the sense that there are warm/neutral colours at the top, and then colourful shades near the bottom left. The pans in the new palette are slightly smaller – by a millimetre (I measured lol).

While the eye automatically gets drawn to the bright shades, there are a fair number of neutral shades in the palette. I was able to do a fair number of daytime and glam looks. I do find many of the neutral shades similar. I would love a few deeper neutral shades. G-Money is the darkest brown and then there is the black. The neutral shades are also very warm and pull peachy/orange on me. So if you are more of a neutral brown kind of person, then I recommend the original.

I love the colourful shades in this palette. The mattes all blend well, which is impressive since I known neons and purples are hard to formulate. I will say that the neon pink, Tipsy Girl, did stain my eyelid after I used it. But that is common with pinks – the James Charles palette also stained me too. I will say that looking at this palette just makes me feel inspired.

So my overall thoughts are that this is a great palette! I think that the quality is on par with the other palette. While I wish that the neutrals were less peachy. At the end of the day I’m going to reach for this palette for the colourful shades, not the neutral ones. If you like colour, then I recommend you pick up this palette. If you like neutral shades more then I would recommend the original palette.

And that is my review! I will be posting some looks with this palette for the next couple of days, so make sure to follow me there (@xoxoxoleelee). And if there is anything you want to know about the palette ask me in the comments!



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