American Eagle Try On Haul June 202

Hey guys! So I recently placed another order at American Eagle. They should honesltly sponsor me at this point haha. To be fair, since I’ve purchased from them so much it’s the only store I feel comfortable buying online. I’ve figured out what size I am, so I have a pretty good success rate. This time around I purchased more summer clothes. I will be posting a try on haul on my Insta and a styling video on my Tik Tok so make sure to check those out!

The first item I picked up is a pair of the AE Stretch Denim Mom Shorts. I really like this shorts. Most of my shorts are tight and short, and these are the opposite. They are a little longer and don’t fit as snug around the thighs. They are a little tight around my waist because I don’t have a small waist to hip ratio. But I believe that it’ll stretch out and be fine. I love these shorts and will be picking up another pair.

The other pair of shorts I got are the Aerie Move Lasercut High Wasited Bike Shorts. I originally wanted to get a black pair but I am happy I got these! The blue colour is super fun, but it’s not so bright that it’s obnoxious. They are stretchy enough that they are good for lounging, but supportive enough to exercise in. They also have POCKETS. I love this!

The first of three shirts is the AE V-Neck Baby T-Shirt. I don’t know why they call it a v-neck because it’s actually round. This shirt reminds me of something I would wear as a little kid. I am in love with the cut and fit of this shirt. It fits me perfectly – not too tight, not too lose. And it’s a little longer than an average crop top so I don’t feel like my belly is over exposed. A super fun summer top.

The second top is the Tailgate Women’s Chevy Corvette Boxy T-Shirt. I like this shirt because it’s multi-functional. I can wear it over top of sweat shorts or bike shorts for a comfy lounge look. Or I can tuck it into jean shirts for a casual but cute summer outfit. It’s the perfect size for a baggy shirt because it’s not too long where I have so much excess fabric but it’s also not a crop top. I dig it.

The final top I ordered is the Aerie Gamechanger Henley Tank. It’s a pretty basic tank, but I think the Olive shade spices it up. Because it’s long it’s nice over top of leggings, but it’s also nice tucked into pants. I think this will be nice with some of the culottes that I own. The material is super soft as well.

The final item is the only one that didn’t fit me well. I ordered the Aerie Easy Knit Midi Dress. I often run into issues with dresses because I am a different size on top than my bottoms. So while it fits me fine on the bottom, it’s loose and baggy on top. It’s also really long on me which is surprising. On the model it looks like it goes to her knees, but on me it’s about mid calf. I will be returning this dress.

And that is my American Eagle haul! Let me know what are some of your favourite places to shop online in the comments.



Sephora VIB Sale Haul + First Impressions

Hey guys! My Sephora VIB Sale order has finally come in! I ordered one of the last days of the sale which is why it took so long to come in. I usually do full reviews on the products, but since it took so long for the products to arrive I thought it best to just do some first impressions so I could get this post up asap.

Photo 2020-05-22, 12 02 08 PM

The first product is a Beauty Blender set! I’ve mentioned this before but every sale I always buy a new Beauty Blender. They are great sponges and I use them almost every time I do my makeup. This one came with a red sponge and a solid cleanser. It’s a good deal because it’s the same price as a regular Beauty Blender.

The next product is the one I was waiting for the most! I got the OLEHENRIKSEN Truth Juice Daily Cleanser. I finished my other OLEHENRIKSEN cleanser the other day so it was great timing. I tried it this morning and I think I like it. It smells like orange which I love. It lathers up nicely and left my skin feeling soft. I need to try this cleanser a bit more to say whether I love it or not, but so far so good.

I got two eyeliners. The first is the Tarteist Double Take Eyeliner in the shade Brown. I have been wanting a brown liquid eyeliner. I thought this one would be good because it also has a pencil on the other end. Now this is a felt tip, which I’m not as good at using. But I was able to create a pretty good wing with it. But I will say it’s darker than I expected. I think I like this and will get some good use out of it.

The second eyeliner I bought was the Makeup Forever Artist Color Pencil in the shade Boundless Bisque. I like to put white in my waterline, but sometimes white can be a little too bright. I thought this nude would be a good shade. And I was right! I used the pencil and it make my eyes just look so awake and bright. I’ve only had it in my waterline for two hours but it’s still there! I think I will like this liner.

The final product is the Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer. I have heard so many good things about this bronzer and have had it on my wish list for awhile. I thought now was the perfect time to get it ahead of summer. I’ve only used it once but I am already it love. This bronzer blended out so easily. I also love that it’s a matte formula. I find that sometimes creams can make me look greasy, but this one just looks so natural. It’s also a great shade match for me. OH I LOVE THIS ALREADY!

And that is my Sephora VIB Sale haul. Let me know in the comments what products you guys got during the sale!



American Eagle Try On Haul

Hey guys! Today I am doing a try-on haul of all the pieces that I got from American Eagle. I have photos from their site and photos (well screenshots of a video) on myself. I am posting a video on my IGTV showing off the pieces so I recommend checking that out as well.

I placed this order about three weeks ago and it took a while for the pieces to come in. When I can’t link the exact item I try to link similar pieces. Also just to let you know I purchased these items when they were 50% off, so what I paid might be different from what it’s priced now.

American Eagle, AE, American Eagle haul, lounge wear, loungewear, comfy clothes, sweatpants

First is the AE Plush Long Sleeve Peplum T-Shirt. I got it in a lavender shade but they have a nice cream still in stock. It’s soft and comfy to wear at home but still nice to wear outside the house. I would wear this top with leggings. I like how the back to long enough to cover my butt because I don’t always want to show my butt off haha. I also like how the peplum adds some shape but isn’t too tight so it isn’t uncomfortable.

The next shirt is the AE Cinched Waist T-Shirt. I have it in a beautiful sage green, but online they have a white and tie-dye still. The shirt is very soft and the cinch has some shape and definition. The cinch is also adjustable. While it’s nice with sweatpants, I think this would also be cute with ripped jeans and a jean jacket.

The other t-shirt I got was the AE Fleece Boxy Crew Neck Sweatshirt. This is basically a sweatshirt but with short sleeves. It’s perfect for a Canadian spring where it’s too warm for a thick sweater but not yet warm enough for a t-shirt. I also know tie-dye is really big right now, but this one isn’t too loud.

The first pair of pants isn’t available anymore. They are called the AE Super High-Waisted Jogger Pants in the shade olive. These ones are a similar shade and these ones are a similar shape. What I like about these pants is that they are something different than wearing jeans or leggings. Mine fit me perfectly where it’s not super tight in the waist but still gives me definition. It also makes my butt look good hehe. Excited to wear these!

The second pair of pants are the AE High-Waisted Paperbag Pant. I love these. The paperbag waist just hugs my curves. The fact that they’re black means I can wear them with almost anything. I could dress them up with heels or dress them down with my Birkenstocks. They are made from cotton so they feel great. I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of these pants.

The only item that didn’t fit quite right was the AE Soft Plush Long Sleeve T-Shirt. On the photo it’s completely baggy, but for me it lays oddly over my chest. It’s not bad enough for me to return it, but I wouldn’t wear this while going out. It’s fine for just lounging around the house. I love the colour and that’s mainly why I am keeping it. I think the creamy/oatmeal colour just suits my hair and skin tone so well. So while I don’t necessarily recommend it, I will still wear it.

The final item is the AEO Super High-Waisted Soft Plush Leggings. These are not exactly the most figure-flattering pair of sweats, but they are super comfy. They are basically tighter sweatpants, but they are not skin tight so they are still comfy. The material is super soft as well. The light colour and material highlights my belly but I just wear a long shirt or sweater and it’s out of sight! Definitely great lounge pants for all this time we are spending inside.

American Eagle, AE, American Eagle haul, lounge wear, loungewear, comfy clothes, sweatpants

And that is my AE haul! A nice combination of lounge-wear and pieces that I will wear when quarantine is over. Let me know if you guys liked this type of haul in the comments below.



Testing TikTok Makeup Products

Hey guys! Today I am testing five products that I bought because of Tik Tok! I have seen a bunch of videos recommending drugstore makeup products, so I decided to pick some up. I had a long list but narrowed it down to five (mainly to save my wallet lol). I pick a variety of products, from ones I have heard a lot about to ones I haven’t heard of before. So here are my five products!

Photo 2020-04-17, 2 10 30 PM

The first product is the Maybelline Cheek Heat. I have been wanting to try this myself anyway and when I saw someone say this is a dupe for the Glossier Cloud Paints I added it to the list. I picked up the shade Coral Ember. Now the only other cream blush I’ve tried is the Colourpop one, and that is way better. First, it’s a little finicky to apply. I find the only way to apply it is with my finger, and the other ways ended poorly. Because it’s a gel it leaves my face looking a little oily, but if I set it with too much powder it just disappears. Overall this is nice for no-makeup-makeup days when I’m not planning to wear much makeup and just want a flush. But if you an affordable cream blush get the Colourpop one.

A huge hit is the Essence Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss. I got the shade clear because that’s what I say recommended. This gloss is AMAZING and it’s under $5. It’s not sticky whatever, it almost feels more like a lip oil on the lips. My lips just look so juicy and glossy. And it smells like this Lip Smackers roller boll lip gloss that I had as a kid. This product is amazing I highly recommend.

Continuing with lips, I got the NYX Slide On Lip Pencil. Now I couldn’t recommend which NYX pencil it was exactly, but I saw a video that compared these to Charlotte Tilbury ones. While it wasn’t bad, I prefer my Maybelline lip liners. First I accidentally got a cool pink, which is my bad because they didn’t have testers and I just randomly picked one. I found the formula to be too creamy. It sat on top of my lips and move around. I like my lip liners to stay put and last. Overall not a bad product but not my favourite.

A complete fail for me is the Pixi Glow Mist. This was supposed to be a dupe for the ABH setting spray. I have also just heard good things in general about Pixi. I haven’t tried any of their products because they are on the pricier side for the drugstore. This mist is supposed to give a dewy look, but I only just looked oily. Maybe if you have dry skin you could like it, but I found my skin looked greasy. I will not be using it again.

And finally another winner! I saw someone recommend the Revlon PhotoReady Prime Plus. I decided to try the Brightening + Skin-Tone Evening one. There is also a Perfecting+Smoothing and Matte+Pore Reducing. WOW I love this primer. I think it’s a dupe for my Dr. Brandt one. It makes my skin look so dewy but doesn’t emphasize my pores. I have tried it with different concealers and foundation and I haven’t had any issues. I definitely recommend trying this one out.

And those are the five products I picked up! Let me know if you would like to see a part two because I had a bunch of other products on my list I wanted to try out!



Back to School Haul

Hey guys! So when this post goes up, I will have just finished my first day of school! So what better way to celebrate than a back to school haul. Even if you are not going back to school, September is a great time to get some end of summer deals as well as some new pieces for fall. If you want to see my talk about these pieces, go check out my Instagram (@xoxoxoleelee) I have it saved as a highlight. Now for a miscellaneous haul!

Photo 2019-09-02, 2 15 55 PM

First up are some notebooks! At Indigo there were doing a special deal when I was in store that if you bought two stationary products, you got the third free! So I got a Watercolour Floral notebook, a Blush Branches one (on sale), and an Agave Plant notebook (also on sale). I like these because their three subject notebooks, so I will have one section for each of my classes. At Indigo I also a new pencil case for my bujo supplies since my other one was getting too small. This Organized AF one is also on sale! Finally from Indigo I got a Ginger Pumpkin Spice candle. I had the same scent last year and I loved it. It smells like fall, but isn’t too sweet.

Next I decided to jump on the hair clip trend with this four pack from the brand Zoe Ayla (which are currently sold out on their site). I actually found them at Winners for $7.99, which is way cheaper than the $45 price tag on their site. Winners had other clips as well, so if you interested I would check them out.

My one pair of shoes are a pair of Loafers from the brand Naturalizer. I own a few other shoes from the brand and they always held up well. I decided to get loafers because I have slides that look similar, but find they slid off when your walking a lot, and also can’t be worn when it’s cold outside. I needed a pair of professional looking shoes, and I think this pair fits the bill. I got mine from DSW.

Photo 2019-09-02, 12 39 28 PM

Next up clothes! First I got this cute skort from Forever 21. I think it’s fun but still slightly professional looking piece. I can easily dress it up and dress it down, and it long enough that I don’t have to wore if my shorts are being cheeky.

I got three pieces from H&M. First I got this V-Neck Dress, and if you don’t like the pattern I got they have other options online. I like the dress because it’s long but still looks fresh. It’s a step up from a summer dress but still pretty casual. Next I got this crinkled blouse in a fun leopard print. I love this shirt for a couple of reasons. First I was looking for a leopard print item, and I think this blouse is so fun. And then I can easily style it up or down, for more casual and business use. Finally I got this fine-hair sweater in taupe, but there are other colours available online as well. The length is great where I can wear it with jeans tucked in or untucked with leggings. I also don’t own anything like this taupe shade, so it’s a nice edition to my sweater collection.

Finally from American Eagle I got three items. They were having a sale of buy-one-get-one-50% off their jeans, so I got two pairs. I tried their curvy line and fell it love. I haven’t tried on a pair of jeans that fit me so well before. They are cut to be wider in the hips and more cinched in in the waist. I got them in Black and Midnight Dreamer (dark wash). Finally from American Eagle I got this super cool sweater. I can’t seem to find it online, but if I do ever find it again I will link it. It gives me 80s ski lodge x Patagonia vibes. Can’t wait for the weather to cool enough for me to wear it.

And that is my lil back to school haul. Let me know in the comments what you guys are doing this fall, whether it’s going back to school or any fun plans you have!



Colourpop Haul Part 1

Hey guys! So about a month now I placed a Colourpop order. I don’t order from Colourpop often, so when I do I usually do a big order. My order came in a couple weeks ago (you would have seen this if you follow my Instagram @xoxoxoleelee). I have mentioned this before, but I am currently working at a pool this summer. Which means that I don’t wear makeup most days, so it is taking me longer than usual to test out products. I have decided to split up my haul into two parts. Some of the products I already have an opinion on, but others I still haven’t tried. So today I have five products, and the rest will be up within a week or two.

Photo 2019-08-22, 12 27 04 PM

First up is the Orange You Glad palette. Colourpop has been releasing these nine pan colourful palettes what seems like every other week. This palette was the newest one when I placed my order, plus I fell in love with the colour story. While a full orange palette might not seem like the most wearable palette, what I like is that you can take one or two of these shades along with a more neutral palette to make a beautiful look. Oranges pair well with browns and golds, so you can easily create a simple glam look that isn’t too bold. Or you can do what I did and go all out (see look below). But the best part of this palette is that the quality is amazing. Even the neon matte shade called Sunkiss’d (which reminds me of Cheetos) is so bright but also soo blendable. I had no problems blending out the shadows. And the photos don’t do them justice, they are so bight and pigmented in real life. Oh also did I mention that this palette is $12USD?? I highly recommend this palette if you like the colours.

Next up is the Lippie Stix in the shade Brink. This lippie is one of their best sellers and it’s currently sold out – for a good reason. I love this lip, it is definitely my new go to. This is such a comfortable matte lipstick. I wouldn’t even call it matte, it’s much closer to a creamy satin. It lasts pretty well through the day. It didn’t really make it through lunch, but it wear away badly like some other lips. The shade is also so nice. It’s a deeper nude, but not dark by any means. Overall I love this lippie, and will be continuing to wear it a ton.

The next lippie is their Lip Tint in the shade Rise n Shine. I featured this lippie in my simple school makeup look. This formula is like a hybrid between a creamy lipstick and a lip gloss. It’s sheerer than a regular lipstick but more pigmented than more lip glosses that I have tried. It’s perfect for a nice wash of colour on the lips. I also really like this peachy shade, it’s great for summer but also to transition into fall.

Next I tried one of their new-ish launches – their Blush Stix. Listen, I have been watching Youtubers rave about cream blushes all summer, especially the NudeStix ones. Now I have never tried cream blush before, so I was a little hesitant to spend $40 CAD on a product I’m not even sure I would like. So I decided to try the Colourpop ones and if I like the idea of cream blush then I might invest in a more expensive one. Well the answer is yes, I want more cream blushes! I got the shade Splash, which is a midtone rose (aka pink). I could rub a brush against the stick and then apply it to my face. It gave me such a fresh face look. It looks so much dewy and lighter than using powder blush. It is less long lasting than powder, but I really enjoy the look. And for $8USD it’s a great product. I definitely want to get a peachy one now.

The final product is a basic but needed one. I got a single pressed power eyeshadow in the shade Hear Me Out. This matte shade matches my skin tone perfectly. I like to use it to set my eyeshadow primer. I had finish a NYX shadow in a similar shade, so I decided to get one from Colourpop to do the job. I just find setting my primer with a shadow helps blend them out better. A pressed powder could also be used, but I like putting this in my magnetic palette with my other shadows so I have all the shadows I need in one place. I would definitely recommend Colourpop’s single eyeshadows, I’ve never had an issue with any of them.

And that is the first part of my Colourpop haul! Stay tuned for part two, which should be coming within the next couple of weeks! Also if you are interested in seeing swatching of all the products that I got, check out my IGTV!



Sephora VIB Sale Haul

Hey friends! So today I am sharing what I got during the Sephora VIB Sale. The sale goes until Monday, so if you still have a chance to pick up some stuff! I went a little crazy, but 20% off is a great time to stock up or get items that you have been eyeing for awhile.

vib sale 2019

First, I repurcahsed the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. You guys know how much I love this cleanser, so I had to pick up a mini for when I travel later this month. I think once I finish this one I will invest in the full size one.

I bought a second cleanser, since I like to use a different cleanser in the morning and night (yes I’m that extra). I got the OLEHENRIKSEN Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser. I was looking for a new cleanser meant  oily/acne prone skin. This one had good reviews and smelled pretty good, so I am excited to try it out.

The final skincare bit is my Beauty Insider birthday gift! I decided to go with the Drunk Elephant giftset. It comes with a deluxe sample of the Prontini Polypeptide Cream and the Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser. I have never tried anything from Drunk Elephant but I seen many good reviews of their products. I’m going to try them out, and if I like them they will be the perfect size to bring to Europe with me.

Next up I bought two lip balms, because you can never have too many lip balms. The first is the new Laneige Lip Glowy Balm. They are completely sold out online, but they still have a few Pears in store. I have a feeling I am going to like this more than their sleeping mask! I tried it once already and I loved it. It is thinner and feels amazing on the lips. Excited to wear this more!

The second lip balm is the new Bite Beauty Agave+ Daytime Vegan Balm. I have the original Agave Lip Balm, and I am curious to see how different this new one is from the original. I know the big difference is that this balm is now vegan, which is pretty great! Let’s hope that the formula isn’t too different and that is just as amazing as the original!

Next I really wanted to pick up the new Fenty Bronzer, but they were sold out in the shade that I wanted in store. BUT they did have the Lil Bronze Duo, which includes a mini of the Sun Stalk’r bronzer and a Match Stix bronzer. I got the shade Shady Biz and Sinamon. I haven’t tried the Match Stixs yet either, so I thought this would be a fun set to purchase!

The final products I purchased are a new BeautyBlender and the Liquid BlenderCleanser. I usually purchase a new Beauty Blender every VIB sale since they are a bit pricey but are honestly the best makeup sponge I have tried. I have used the solid Beauty Blender cleanser and I really enjoy it, but I find that is gets gross pretty quickly. The last time I used it I found little black dots, which I think is mold. I thought that the liquid cleanser would be more hygienic, so I am going to try it out!

And that is what I got during the VIB sale! I am excited to try out all my new products. I am curious what you are purchasing during the sale, let me know down below in the comments!



Sephora Haul 2019

Hey guys! I am back with a Sephora haul! I got a gift card for Christmas and I really took my time trying to figure out what I wanted to spend it on. And of course I got extra stuff on top of spending my gift card haha! I got a mixture of makeup and skincare as well as a mixt between new launches and older favourites.

Photo 2019-02-03, 3 34 51 PM

First, I got two sheet masks. One was the GLAMGLOW BUBBLESHEET Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask. The second was a Sephora Collection Eye Mask, specially the Perfecting and Brightening one. I haven’t tried either mask yet, I usually hoard masks and then save them for later. I might just post a mini review of them on my Instagram once I use them – what would you guys prefer?

I repurchased another Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. If you read my recent empties you would know how much I love this cleanser. I find it does a great job of cleaning my skin and has an amazing smell. I decided to buy the small size because it fits better where I store my skincare, and it’s also cheaper (like $30 cheaper!).

The other skincare product I got was the Laneige Water Bank Hydrating Gel. I believe I mentioned this in a previous post, but I was looking for a good medium hydration moisturizer. I currently have the Origins Matte Moisturizer and the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, but I wanted something in between very matte and very thick. I think the Laneige is the perfect in between. This gel is lighter than their sleeping mask, but just as hydrating. I have only used it for a week, so I might change my opinion but so far I love it. The gel consistency feels like I’m applying water to my face. It also works well underneath makeup. The only thing is that this jar is glass, so it’s very heavy and I’m always afraid I’m going to drop it and break it. If you have normal, combo or oily skin I think you would like this, but people with drier skin might want something thicker.

The first makeup product I got was a mini size of the Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder. I always get the smaller size of powder just to try them out without having to commit to the larger size just in case I don’t like it.  Now I had heard a bunch of people rave about this powder, and many people put it in their favourite products of 2018 so I thought it was time for me to try it out. I didn’t notice the difference between this powder and other ones until I put this powder on one side of my face and a different powder on the other side of my face. This powder is soooo smooth, it’s incredible. This powder has this little particles, I wouldn’t call it glitter but it just gives the most beautiful glow to the face. This powder doesn’t make you look super matte and cakey, but instead leaves a smooth, satin finish. BUT this powder isn’t the best at keeping my skin from looking oily. I understand why so many people with dry skin love this powder. Even though I have oily skin, I like this powder because I don’t always want to look super matte. If I need my makeup to last, I think I will continue to reach for my Cover FX powder, but when I want to look glowy I will use this powder. I will definitely buy it in a bigger size once I finish the mini one.

Next up was the Fenty Gloss Bomb in the shade Fenty Glow. I almost bought this gloss when it first came out, and for some reason I decided not to. I have have almost bought this gloss so many times, and I honestly can’t believe I wanted so long. THIS GLOSS IS AMAZING. I got Fenty Glow because I prefer warmer tones and this is just the perfect shade of lip gloss for me. It’s super shiny but doesn’t make your lips feel gross and tacky. The scent is also so nice and not too overpowering. The gloss lasts a decent amount of time on the lips compared to some other glosses I own. If Fenty came out with a peach or coral shade I would definitely buy that too.

Finally a new foundation! This year I want to spend less money on eyeshadows and lip products and invest more into face products. So getting a new foundation was on the top of that list. I have a bunch of matte, full-coverage foundations. I wanted to try something a little lighter with a satin finish. The Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Hydrating Foundation just ticked off all the boxes for me. I got a sample of the foundation and liked it enough to buy a full bottle. I also choose this foundation because it had neutral undertones, which is what I prefer for myself (I got shade 1.1). This foundation has a very buildable formula, so I can make it lighter or fuller coverage depending on how I am feeling that day. The foundation lasts well throughout the day, it doesn’t slip off my face or break apart. I think the only downside it that I really feel the foundation on my face, but I don’t mind too much since it looks good on my face. I would definitely recommend this foundation to anyone looking for a medium, natural looking foundation!

And that is my Sephora haul! The next product I am looking to invest in is a new bronzer, so let me know down below if you have any favourites!



Black Friday Sales Roundup + Haul

Hey guys! Short story time: if you didn’t know, I am Canadian, so we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. In Canada, our big sales is actually after Christmas, on Boxing Day. Only until recently have stores done Black Friday sales here in Canada. So this was my first year going out to the mall to go Black Friday Shopping. So I decided I would share the things I got today, and also any online sales that I thought you guys might be interested in.

black friday


I’ll try and keep my haul brief, and focus more on the deals than what I actually got. If you want more details on what I got, go check out my stories on Instagram (@xoxoxoleelee)! I have my full haul saved under BlackFridayHaul.

First, the classic Black Friday Stop – Bath and Body Works. They had a deal where you buy three of anything, get three of anything free. I realistically should have gotten six candles to get my money’s worth, but I didn’t need six candles so I got three hand soaps instead. I actually really like the hand soaps anyways, so I don’t mind. The soaps I got were Winter, Frosted Coconut Snowball and Vanilla Bean Noel. The three candles I got were Fresh Balsam, Campsite Coffee and Snow Fall. I saved $22.50 in total, which is close to one candle basically. At Bath and Body Works they also had a deal where you spend more than $30 you can get a tote with goodies for $35. Finally, all of these deals are also available online.

Next I went to M, which is a great Canadian Boutique. Unfortunately because they are a boutique you can’t shop them online, but if you guys live in the GTA area you should definitely check them out. They have really good quality pieces, and while they are pricey they also have great sales. For example, before 10am today everything in store was 50% off, and then after that it was 30% off.

At America Eagle, they had 40% off the majority of their story. First I got a pair of black jeans with rips in the knee, but I was in serious need of a new pair. The second thing I got was a dusty rose waffle knit. Overall I was able to save $39.96 because of the sale!

At Indigo, they had basically everything on sale. All books were on sale, ranging from 10-50% off. I bought two candles, because I love the Indigo candles. The way the candle holder is painted, there are tiny holes that allow the candle light to shine through. The two I got were Snowy Pine and Balsam Fir and Paperwhite. I would definitely head in to Indigo or go online because they have so many deals.

The final I went to was Sephora. I didn’t get much since I have bought some much makeup lately. At the front and around the store they had a few items on sale, but most of the story was full price. First I got the Bite Beauty four piece lipstick set, on sale from $29 to $17.50. Then I got set of two eyelashes from the Sephora Collection for $15, which unfortunately I can’t find online. Finally, I got my VIB Rouge gift!

Sales Roundups

I wanted to share a few other great sales with you guys! Most of these are either online exclusives, or just weren’t at the mall I went to.

The first is Urban Outfitters, where everything is buy one get one 50% off. I love Urban Outfitters, I think their clothes are well made and they always have unique things. There stuff is just outside my price range, so I only buy from them when I really love an item or when there is a good sale. Also their home section is also amazing!

Topshop is also having an amazing sale! In store they had items marked from 20-60% off, while online they have everything up to 50% off. I find Topshop prices to be really fair, like you can get a t-shirt for under $20, but then they also have amazing and high quality coats and outwear, which are obviously more expensive. They also have some really trendy and unique pieces as well.

If you are looking for makeup, I have two recommendations. The first is Anastasia Beverly Hills. The deals they have on their website are amazing. They have $15 eyebrow products, 30% off eyeshadow palettes, 40% off Glow Kits and lips, and 50% off eyeshadow singles. ABH is an overall great brand, so you can’t go wrong with any of their products.

The final recommendation is Glossier. I have actually not tried any of their products yet, but I really want to because I have heard so many good things about this brand. They currently have 20% off and free shipping over $30, so I think it would be a great time to check out the brand. If I only had more money… haha I can’t complain I bought so much stuff today!

And that is my round-up of some great Black Friday sales, along with what I personally got. I hope you guys score some great deals, let me know where you are going/went Black Friday shopping!




Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA lately – work and my volunteer position have both been crazy. I might be doing a Q+A/Life Update post sometime soon to explain what I’ve been up to this summer. Let me know down below if there are any questions you guys have for me!

Anyways, today’s post is a drugstore makeup haul! I decided to treat myself after I received my first big paycheck of the summer haha! Some of these items are new, and others are just ones that I have been meaning to buy for awhile now.

Photo 2018-06-29, 1 40 27 PM

There were a bunch of foundations that I wanted to try, but decided to the Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation. In the summer I usually go lighter with my makeup, so the fact that this foundation claims to have a light-weight, medium coverage and satin finish sold me. The shade range isn’t the worst, but it could be better. They have 16 shades, which a range of warm, cool and neutral tones. I was able to find a great shade for me, but I think they could expand their range, especially on the deeper end. I know lots of people didn’t like that it has a doe-foot applicator, but I actually find it very easy to quickly swipe some foundation on my face and blend it out. The foundation lasts pretty well, but I do look a little oily later in the day. The only thing I dislike is the smell. I honestly smells like paint, and it lingers a little but not forever. If Physicians Formula could fix the smell that would be great.

The first of two Wet n Wild is their new 10 pan eyeshadow palette. I bought the one called Rose in the Air. I decided to buy this one because it reminded me of the ABH Modern Renaissance. For a drugstore eyeshadow palette, this is pretty good! The mattes are creamy and very easy to blend. They are not the most pigmented shadow I’ve ever used, but if you build them up they are pretty good. I used the mauve and pink shade for an eye look and they were great! The shimmer was was mediocre, but using a wet brush does the treat. If you are looking for a drugstore eyeshadow palette, this one by Wet n Wild is great!

The second Wet n Wild product that I bought was their Photo Focus Pressed Powder. After hearing Kathleen Lights speak highly of this powder, I decided to give it a try. I prefer to use this powder more for touch ups than for setting my face. My face was lo

oking pretty oily compared to when I use a loose setting powder to set my face. This powder is nice for touch ups because it adds a nice satin finish instead of making me look cakey. Overall not a bad drugstore powder, but I’m definitely someone who prefers loose over pressed powder.

Next I bought two highlights, because let’s be real – you can never have too much highlight. The first was the Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter. I decided to buy the shade Molten Rose Gold because I already own a bunch of golden ones, but because this highlight is so good I might buy the other shades. This highlight is creamy and metallic and just looks so good on the skin. It doesn’t look glittery or chunky like some highlights. Instead this one just looks smooth while also giving a blinding shine to the skin. It also lasts a really long time. If you like a bright highlight, this one is for you.

On the flip side, if you prefer a more natural highlight, the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter is perfect. This highlight is very smooth and gives a beautiful lit-from-within to the skin. On days where I want to wear less makeup, this highlight still gives me a radiant glow. I really don’t have any negative to say, except it would be great if there were other shades.

The next Essence product I bought was their Volume Stylist 18h Last Extension Mascara. After hearing good views from a bunch of Youtubers, mainly Tati, I decided to give it a try. This is a great mascara if you are looking mainly for length. It makes my lashes look nice and long, but somehow still natural. This mascara is great for no makeup-makeup days where I want some mascara to make my eyes pop, but for it to not look too heavy. I wouldn’t really use this when I need to add some volume and length, because it didn’t add much volume. It was also pretty easy to remove, which is super important for me.

Photo 2018-06-29, 1 50 05 PM

The final item I bought was a Maybelline lipstick, because there was a sale at my local drugstore at the time. Maybelline lipsticks are some of my favourite because they are creamy and comfortable on the lips. I bought the shade Nude Nuance, which I would describe as a deep rose. It looks very dark in the swatch, but looks lighter on the lips. It’s nice to sometimes wear something a little darker than a nude, but still neutral. I have already worn it a bunch

And that is it for my drugstore haul! Let me know what drugstore products I should try out next! Also I hope all my fellow Canadian followers have an awesome Canada Day weekend!