Is Fabletics Worth It? A Honest Review

Hey guys! So if you are like me, you have probably seen some influencers talk about Fabletics online. Fabletics is an athletic clothing line created by Kate Hudson. They are known for their two leggings for $24.99 deal. But with all sponsored content, I wonder if people are giving their honest reviews, or are just being paid to hype up the products. So I decided to try Fabletics myself, and I am going to give you a full break down of my experience.

Photo 2019-09-11, 9 38 41 AM

First I just want to explain my expectations when it comes to athletic wear. My favourite leggings are the Lululemon Align Pants, which are $98 CAD – so not cheap. I like these leggings because they are high rise, super soft and feel like a second skin. They are meant for yoga, but can be worn for any workout really. The only thing is that they are expensive, so if I can find a cheaper dupe I am hear for me. For sports bra I am not super picky. I don’t need a ton of support, but I still need some. So with this criteria in mind, I selected three items from Fabletics.

Now what is interesting about Fabletics is that there is a retail price and a VIP price. The VIP price is $10-20 cheaper than retail price. The two leggings for $24.99 is also only available to VIP members. And finally there are some items that are only available to VIPs. So what strings are attached to this membership? You have to either order clothes or ‘skip’ the program for the month (by the 5th of the month). If you don’t skip or buy anything, they will charge your account $49.95. Now it is possible to cancel this subscription whenever, so it is possible to order once and then cancel the subscription. I will talk more about this when I give my final review.

So the three items I got were the Mila Pocket Capri in burgundy, the Mid-Rise PureLuxe Legging in Rosebloom, and the Devore Seamless Sports Bra II in burgundy. I got the capri leggings and the sports bra to be worn as a matching set to yoga. With the VIP deals I was able to save $75 USD, which is basically the price of one pair of Lululemon leggings.

Now for my actual thoughts of the products. I bought the Mila capris for yoga and the PureLuxe leggings to work out in, and after trying them would use them for the opposite reasons for why I purchased them. The Mila capris are much stiffer and less flexible, so it was harder to flow while doing yoga. But they were great for working out. They didn’t become see through when doing swats, and I really liked having a pocket to be able to hold my phone.

The PureLuxe leggings are a great dupe for the Lululemon Align Pants. I would say that I still like the Lulu ones more for two reasons. The Lulelemon ones are just a tough softer and have a higher waistline. I like the higher waistline for yoga because then it’s not rolling down on me. But these Fabletics ones are still pretty great. I also decided to get them in the rose colour to test how see-through they were. Sometimes light colours can become see-through, or they can overemphasize all your fat/cellulite. These ones were pretty thick that I didn’t notice it too much. But I think the darker colours would be no issue.

My least favourite item is probably the Devore sports bra. I have a few issues with this sports bra. First it’s actually pretty low cut, so I was afraid I was popping out when I wore it to yoga. The straps also cut very far in, so I was getting major side-boob when I was wearing this sports bra. I think it would be fine worn under a shirt, but it’s kind of disappointing because I bought a cute sports bra to be shown, not to be worn under a shirt.

So would I recommend Fabletics? Will I be ordering from them again? To answer the second yes, I did decide to skip buying anything in September because I had just received my first order at the end of August. I decided to not cancel my subscription because overall I thought that the quality was pretty decent, and I wouldn’t mind ordering from them again. I would only recommend ordering from Fabletics if you think you’re going to be ordering lots of athletic wear and/or you are good at remembering to skip months if you don’t want anything.

And that is my review of Fabletics! While the PureLuxe leggings are pretty nice, I am still on the look out for a pair that I would love more than the Lululemon Align pants. Let me know in the comments any brands you would recommend/want me to try!



Back to School Haul

Hey guys! So when this post goes up, I will have just finished my first day of school! So what better way to celebrate than a back to school haul. Even if you are not going back to school, September is a great time to get some end of summer deals as well as some new pieces for fall. If you want to see my talk about these pieces, go check out my Instagram (@xoxoxoleelee) I have it saved as a highlight. Now for a miscellaneous haul!

Photo 2019-09-02, 2 15 55 PM

First up are some notebooks! At Indigo there were doing a special deal when I was in store that if you bought two stationary products, you got the third free! So I got a Watercolour Floral notebook, a Blush Branches one (on sale), and an Agave Plant notebook (also on sale). I like these because their three subject notebooks, so I will have one section for each of my classes. At Indigo I also a new pencil case for my bujo supplies since my other one was getting too small. This Organized AF one is also on sale! Finally from Indigo I got a Ginger Pumpkin Spice candle. I had the same scent last year and I loved it. It smells like fall, but isn’t too sweet.

Next I decided to jump on the hair clip trend with this four pack from the brand Zoe Ayla (which are currently sold out on their site). I actually found them at Winners for $7.99, which is way cheaper than the $45 price tag on their site. Winners had other clips as well, so if you interested I would check them out.

My one pair of shoes are a pair of Loafers from the brand Naturalizer. I own a few other shoes from the brand and they always held up well. I decided to get loafers because I have slides that look similar, but find they slid off when your walking a lot, and also can’t be worn when it’s cold outside. I needed a pair of professional looking shoes, and I think this pair fits the bill. I got mine from DSW.

Photo 2019-09-02, 12 39 28 PM

Next up clothes! First I got this cute skort from Forever 21. I think it’s fun but still slightly professional looking piece. I can easily dress it up and dress it down, and it long enough that I don’t have to wore if my shorts are being cheeky.

I got three pieces from H&M. First I got this V-Neck Dress, and if you don’t like the pattern I got they have other options online. I like the dress because it’s long but still looks fresh. It’s a step up from a summer dress but still pretty casual. Next I got this crinkled blouse in a fun leopard print. I love this shirt for a couple of reasons. First I was looking for a leopard print item, and I think this blouse is so fun. And then I can easily style it up or down, for more casual and business use. Finally I got this fine-hair sweater in taupe, but there are other colours available online as well. The length is great where I can wear it with jeans tucked in or untucked with leggings. I also don’t own anything like this taupe shade, so it’s a nice edition to my sweater collection.

Finally from American Eagle I got three items. They were having a sale of buy-one-get-one-50% off their jeans, so I got two pairs. I tried their curvy line and fell it love. I haven’t tried on a pair of jeans that fit me so well before. They are cut to be wider in the hips and more cinched in in the waist. I got them in Black and Midnight Dreamer (dark wash). Finally from American Eagle I got this super cool sweater. I can’t seem to find it online, but if I do ever find it again I will link it. It gives me 80s ski lodge x Patagonia vibes. Can’t wait for the weather to cool enough for me to wear it.

And that is my lil back to school haul. Let me know in the comments what you guys are doing this fall, whether it’s going back to school or any fun plans you have!



#amazonfind Animal Print Scrunchies

Hey guys! So I wanted to start a small little series – just sharing some good products I found on Amazon! I going to share any products that I find on Amazon that I think are great – beauty related or otherwise.

Photo 2019-08-17, 12 07 45 PM

Today’s #amazonfind is a six pack of Leopard print scrunchies. I was shopping with my mom and a cashier at one store was wearing a super cute leopard print scrunchie. I asked where she got it, and she said in their store but they were out of stock. When I got home, I realized I could probably find a dupe on Amazon.

I liked the look of the leopard because it’s a simple way to jazz up an outfit but not too over the top. Animal print is super in right now, but wearing a scrunchie is a simple way to add it to an outfit. I also love scrunchies. I already own five haha! They are much better for your hair than regular elastics, plus they are super cute.

This Numblartd pack comes with six scrunchies for $14.99. That’s a pretty good price considering I once paid $10 for one scrunchie from Topshop.

The print on these are very nice. Sometimes printed stuff came turn out pixelated looking, but these look good. The fabric is also good quality, an almost silky feeling. Finally the elastic in these scrunchies are strong and keep my hair up.

While there was some cheaper deals, these had the fastest delivery date. I got these within two days, while most of the other options have estimated delivery dates around 2-4 weeks out. So if you are looking for a set of leopard print scrunchies, I would definitely recommend these ones.



Black Friday Sales Roundup + Haul

Hey guys! Short story time: if you didn’t know, I am Canadian, so we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. In Canada, our big sales is actually after Christmas, on Boxing Day. Only until recently have stores done Black Friday sales here in Canada. So this was my first year going out to the mall to go Black Friday Shopping. So I decided I would share the things I got today, and also any online sales that I thought you guys might be interested in.

black friday


I’ll try and keep my haul brief, and focus more on the deals than what I actually got. If you want more details on what I got, go check out my stories on Instagram (@xoxoxoleelee)! I have my full haul saved under BlackFridayHaul.

First, the classic Black Friday Stop – Bath and Body Works. They had a deal where you buy three of anything, get three of anything free. I realistically should have gotten six candles to get my money’s worth, but I didn’t need six candles so I got three hand soaps instead. I actually really like the hand soaps anyways, so I don’t mind. The soaps I got were Winter, Frosted Coconut Snowball and Vanilla Bean Noel. The three candles I got were Fresh Balsam, Campsite Coffee and Snow Fall. I saved $22.50 in total, which is close to one candle basically. At Bath and Body Works they also had a deal where you spend more than $30 you can get a tote with goodies for $35. Finally, all of these deals are also available online.

Next I went to M, which is a great Canadian Boutique. Unfortunately because they are a boutique you can’t shop them online, but if you guys live in the GTA area you should definitely check them out. They have really good quality pieces, and while they are pricey they also have great sales. For example, before 10am today everything in store was 50% off, and then after that it was 30% off.

At America Eagle, they had 40% off the majority of their story. First I got a pair of black jeans with rips in the knee, but I was in serious need of a new pair. The second thing I got was a dusty rose waffle knit. Overall I was able to save $39.96 because of the sale!

At Indigo, they had basically everything on sale. All books were on sale, ranging from 10-50% off. I bought two candles, because I love the Indigo candles. The way the candle holder is painted, there are tiny holes that allow the candle light to shine through. The two I got were Snowy Pine and Balsam Fir and Paperwhite. I would definitely head in to Indigo or go online because they have so many deals.

The final I went to was Sephora. I didn’t get much since I have bought some much makeup lately. At the front and around the store they had a few items on sale, but most of the story was full price. First I got the Bite Beauty four piece lipstick set, on sale from $29 to $17.50. Then I got set of two eyelashes from the Sephora Collection for $15, which unfortunately I can’t find online. Finally, I got my VIB Rouge gift!

Sales Roundups

I wanted to share a few other great sales with you guys! Most of these are either online exclusives, or just weren’t at the mall I went to.

The first is Urban Outfitters, where everything is buy one get one 50% off. I love Urban Outfitters, I think their clothes are well made and they always have unique things. There stuff is just outside my price range, so I only buy from them when I really love an item or when there is a good sale. Also their home section is also amazing!

Topshop is also having an amazing sale! In store they had items marked from 20-60% off, while online they have everything up to 50% off. I find Topshop prices to be really fair, like you can get a t-shirt for under $20, but then they also have amazing and high quality coats and outwear, which are obviously more expensive. They also have some really trendy and unique pieces as well.

If you are looking for makeup, I have two recommendations. The first is Anastasia Beverly Hills. The deals they have on their website are amazing. They have $15 eyebrow products, 30% off eyeshadow palettes, 40% off Glow Kits and lips, and 50% off eyeshadow singles. ABH is an overall great brand, so you can’t go wrong with any of their products.

The final recommendation is Glossier. I have actually not tried any of their products yet, but I really want to because I have heard so many good things about this brand. They currently have 20% off and free shipping over $30, so I think it would be a great time to check out the brand. If I only had more money… haha I can’t complain I bought so much stuff today!

And that is my round-up of some great Black Friday sales, along with what I personally got. I hope you guys score some great deals, let me know where you are going/went Black Friday shopping!



HUGE Spring/Summer Try On Haul ~ Forever 21, American Eagle, Winners and more!

Hey guys! This weekend I did a bunch of shopping and got lots of cute stuff for spring and summer. I wanted to make this a try on haul so I convinced (or bugged really) my brother into taking photos for me! So shout out to my brother 🙂

Forever 21

I got a lot of stuff from Forever 21. I actually went twice because I decided to return something and bought more stuff in the process haha!

Photo 2018-05-07, 6 09 07 PM

First I got this Plus Size Floral Button-Front Dress. I actually didn’t know this dress was plus sized until I got in the dressing room because it was in the wrong section. The dress is a little big on me, but I often have the problem of dresses being too short on me so getting the larger size made it longer. I love dark florals and this dress is no exception. I also love the silhoutette and the button details. This is a great easy-breasy summer dress.Photo 2018-05-07, 5 56 25 PMI really wanted to get something gingham, and I really like this dress (I couldn’t find the link but there are many similar dresses at Forever 21). I’m not sure if I love the off the shoulder sleeves, but I can easily tuck them in or cut them off to make it a strapless dress. This is such a fun and simple print, and an easy-to-wear silhouette. I can already see myself rocking this dress with a bold lip this summer!

Next I got the first of three pairs of shorts. A lot of my shorts are too small for me so I had to get new ones (clearly I ate too much ice cream at school this year haha!). I got these black high waisted ones (a similar pair). I personally like Forever 21 denim. I know not everyone does, but I like that all their stuff has a good stretch to them. I like these because they are a little longer compared to some other pairs that I tried on, but I can easily roll them up if I want. Can’t go wrong with a simple pair of black shorts.Photo 2018-05-07, 6 07 50 PMThis Striped Ribbed Knit Tank comes in a few different colours but I got it in navy/cream. I like this top because it comfy but looks nice. I really like these types of tank to just wear to and from work. It’s nothing fancy but still looks good. Even though it is knit it is not a heavy top. I know I will wear this top a lot. Photo 2018-05-08, 6 13 16 PMPhoto 2018-05-08, 6 13 50 PM


I got a two sports bras from Forever 21. I like to wear sports bra both to the gym (obviously) but also to work so I bought a bunch during this shopping trip. The first I got was the Medium Impact Sports Bra in Pink (the bottom image). I have large shoulders, so I have sometimes have issues with the shoulder straps not being big enough. Because these are elastic they easily stretch over my shoulders. I really like this shade of pink, but it comes in some other nice colours. The second Sports Bra I got on sale for $7.00. They grey charcoal colour is simple, and I like the breathable mesh on the back. It’s a simple but well built sports bra.

American Eagle

At American Eagle they had a sale on their denim buy one get one 50% off. I’ve always liked American Eagle denim so I decided to invest in two pairs. Also just to note, the prices online are like $10-20 more expensive than what I paid in store. I don’t know why, but I would suggest going in store because the prices in the links are not what I paid.

Photo 2018-05-07, 6 05 45 PM

First I got these plain High-Waisted Denim Shorts. Everyone needs a plain pair of high waisted shorts. They go with everything! I like American Eagle because they have a little bit of stretch to the fabric but hold their shape after multiple washes. I know I will get lots of wear out of these shorts.

Photo 2018-05-07, 6 03 19 PM

The second pair I got was these floral detailed shorts. I saw these shorts and knew I had to have them. I love floral in general, and I have been looking for a cute pair of floral embroidered shorts. What I also like is that these shorts are also a little distressed, which makes these shorts less dainty. These shorts are also a little longer, so I won’t have the issue of my butt showing which can happen with high waisted shorts.

Photo 2018-05-08, 6 11 46 PM

Finally I got this cute pair of Rainbow Heart Sunglasses. I have been looking for a cute pair of heart sunglasses ever since by brother accidently sat on my last pair (rip). I like these because they have a thin frame and cool duo coloured lens. They shift from orange/pink to blue! The only thing is I didn’t look at them in the mirror, and I bought a pair that looks crocked on my face! So I’m either going to try and return them or see if I can get them fixed.


Next I went to Winners, which for those of who who are not Canadian is like Marshalls/TJ Max, aka a designer off-price store. So it sells designer clothes, shoes, etc. at cheaper prices. Due to the nature of the store I can’t really find links for you guys, sorry!

Photo 2018-05-07, 5 59 06 PM


First I got this gingham bathing (can you guys tell I like gingham haha!). This bathing suit is actually Juicy Couture and I got it for $33. It is a one-piece but has like big cut out in the stomach, and scoops down like a bikini top. I really like this bathing suit! I think it is fun and flirty and I am so excited to wear this to the beach!

Photo 2018-05-08, 6 12 47 PM

Another sports bra! I got this sage green sports bra from New Balance. This sports bra reminds me of the Calvin Klein ones, but had a semi circle cut out in the back. Unlike the Calvin Klein ones, this one had more supportive material so I could actually use it to work out in. I was able to get the sports bra for $16.99.

Photo 2018-05-07, 5 57 49 PM

Finally I got these Naturalizer mules. I like these because they can be both casual and fancy. Mules/slides are really popular this year and I wanted an open toed pair. This pair has a small heel but nothing too unmanagable because I do not do well with heels. I think these were a good find at $60! (You guys also get to see my tattoo in the photo! And my toes…I’m getting a pedicure today okay haha!)


Photo 2018-05-07, 6 03 07 PM

The final stop was Garage. It is definitely more of a teen style store but it has some nice basics. First I got this simple Smocked Off-Shoulder Top in black (of course lol). Off the shoulder tops are still very big this year, but this one is a little different with its lettuce hems. This is a great basic that I see myself wearing with shorts, skirts and even a pair of black jeans for a night out. This shirt is going to get a lot of wear.

Photo 2018-05-07, 6 06 01 PM

The final piece of this massive haul is this cropped Coca-Cola tee. Red has been a very popular colour this year, and will continue to be this summer. I feel in love when I saw this tee. I love Coke, and my family loves collecting Coca-Cola products. I also like that even though this is a cropped tee, it’s not too short. As you can see in the picture, this tee hits just above the waist band. This is a fun graphic tee, and the shade would also be prefect for Canada Day haha!

And that is the end of my haul! I am set for the season, now I just need the weather to get warmer. Let me know what your favourite piece was from this haul 🙂



Romwe Haul

Hey guys! So a couple weeks ago my friends and I were talking about cheap online clothing retailers, so I decided to try ordering some stuff from Romwe. Oh boy! I am sharing with you guys my full experience and that way hopefully you can learn from my mistakes!

I placed my order on Feb 1st, got a tracking email on Feb 5th, and received my order on Feb 14, which I was pretty impressed with. I thought it was going to take way longer for me to get my package. Another pro about Romwe is that it has a bunch of different currencies on it’s websites. There is nothing more annoying than when they list all the prices in American and I have to manually convert the exchange rate myself. But something to note, Canadian prices obviously fluctuate with exchange rates, so prices have gone up since I have ordered. I have noted the price difference with each item.

black flute shirt final

First is the Fluted Sleeve Surplice Tee. I ordered it in a large and it cost $11.29 CAD (the price has now gone up to $11.80 CAD). It’s hard to tell in the online photo but the top is very low cut and very short. This is definitely going to be a ‘going-out’ top for me. Also the bell sleeves are huge. As you can see on the photo on the right, this top is on my queen size bed and the shirt spans the whole width. I personally do not mind the large bell sleeves, but it is something to keep in mind it you are thinking of ordering the top. Overall this top is a little small, but I have decided to keep it.

check shirt final

Next is the Checked Print Dip Hem Cuffed Blouse. I ordered it in a large and it cost $9.03 CAD (now $9.44 CAD). This top is probably my favourite thing that I ordered. The material does feel slightly cheap but not too bad – it is slightly see through but not too bad. This top is very cropped though. I thought it was going to be longer but I definitely have to wear this top with high waisted jeans.

black knit final

Oh, this top did not work out! I don’t know why I ordered it, because these tops never fit me to begin with, but I got the Rib Knit Lettuce Edge Crop Bardot Top. I ordered a large and it barely fit around my shoulder. The elastic was stretched out all the way. It is also very short, it came out just underneath my bra. I also did not like the quality of the fabric, it was a weird grey colour and felt itchy on the skin. I did not like it and decided to return it (more on returning process further down). It was $10.03 CAD when I bought it and now $10.49.

sweater final

Next I got a sweater that is currently sold out so I can’t link it, but I decided to return it so maybe it’s best that you can’t get it haha! It is the Rose Embroidered Applique Sweater and I was very disappointed in this sweater. First I thought it was going to be a sweatshirt like material, but the material is very weird and cheap feeling. Next, the sweater fits weird. I got a large but it is a weird length – it’s not short enough to be cropped but not long enough at the same time. Finally, I did not like the rose appliques. They were only partly sewn on, which I did not like. Overall this sweater just felt cheap so I did not like it. It paid $12.42 for the sweater.

pants final

Finally, the biggest disappointment was these pants. I got a pair of Vertical Striped Elastic Waist Pants for $10.41 (now $10.88). I got these pants in an x-large and they did not fit at all. Usually a pair of x-large pants should fit me, and because this pair has an elastic band in the waist I thought they would fit. But I couldn’t even pull these all the way up! They were too small in the thigh area, and if they had made it up probably would have not fit my butt.  Very disappointed at how much small these fit.

So after trying on all of these clothes and half of them not fitting right, I went back to the website to double check that I got the right sizes. That’s when I learned two things. The first is that every article of clothing has a review, similar to Amazon. THIS IS SO HELPFUL READ IT BEFORE YOU BUY ANY ARTICLE OF CLOTHING. Honestly almost all of the complaints I had about the clothes were similarly expressed in the reviews.

The second thing I wished I had know before ordering from Romwe was that their small, medium and larges do not follow traditional US or UK sizing. That basically means that while you might be a medium everywhere else, they’re medium size is probably different (or it seems more likely to be smaller). Whenever someone commented that an item was too small, Romwe told they’re customers to refer to the size and fit guide instead of using sizes. Which means that you need to know your measurements and compare them to their measurements to determine what size to order. I find this to be super misleading that the sizing is not standardized through the different articles of clothing. Also I don’t personally know my measurements, so it is really annoying that to ensure the clothing will fit that I have to measure myself and compare it to the size guidelines.

So I decided to return three of the items because they did not fit. I was really bad at replying promptly to their questions (my bad), but Romwe on the other hand was very quick in responding to my messages. I told them that I wanted to return some of my order due to them not fitting, which was no problem. I told them the specific items and I was instructed to mail them back. Unfortunately they do not pay for the shipping cost back to them, and on top of that they wanted tracking information, so I had to pay around $20 to send it back. I was offered a store credit or my money back for the returns. I choose to take my money back on my card, which I am currently waiting for.

Overall, I probably will not shop at Romwe again. I was not very impressed by the quality of the clothing and half of it did not fit. It was not only a hassle but also cost me more money to return the items. I was not very impressed, and while the clothes were significantly cheaper compared to even cheap places like Forever 21, I do not think it is worth it. If you do choose to shop there, I highly suggest reading reviews and looking at the size measurements while shopping.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Even though it was kind of a bust, I had lots of fun writing it! What are your thoughts on Romwe and other similar sites?



Winter Essentials

Hey guys! Today I am sharing some things that help me survive through the cold Canadian winter. Just a miscellaneous of different things that I enjoy and thought would be worth sharing!

Photo 2018-01-21, 2 30 10 PM

First is a super cozy knit sweater from Forever 21. It gets really cold where I live, so I basically live in knit sweater from November to April. I have been really into turtlenecks, but sometimes they can be really a little too much when wearing a heavy knit. I like this sweater because it has a mock turtleneck so it’s the perfect in between. But ya I’m a sucker for any knit sweater really.

Next it’s important to keep my fingers warm outside, so got to have a good pair of gloves or mitts. My dad got me these ones from The Bay last year and I love them! This year they have a different design but the quality of these mittens are great. They have a fleece inside and then a knit outside to keep my hands nice and warm. Also they’re so patriotic! Highly recommend these for all my fellow Canadians.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but the Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm is my favourite lip balm. I own four of these: one beside my bed, one with my makeup, one in my purse and one in my school bag. And I usually have a few backup ones around the house. What I like is that they are lighter than the regular Nivea light balm, but still give intense hydration. It’s great and I will probably continue using these babies for a long time.

Next is a moisturizer. If you guys remember from my Beauty Empties post, I was looking for a moisturizer that would give my oily skin some hydration but also not break it out. I decided to try the Pacifica Kale Luxe Oil-Free Multi Cream. It is designed for oily and blemish prone skin. I decided to try it because the brand is 100% (and cruelty free!) so it doesn’t have as many bad products that would clog my pores. I have been really liking it! I use a tiny pea size amount and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and fresh! It has an interesting scent, but I like it!

Finally, for Christmas my Mom got me a diffuser! Along with the diffuser my Mom got me some essential oils, and the one I have been using the most is the Immune Antibacterial Diffuser Blend from Saje Natural Wellness. I am always sick, and this blend is supposed to help relieve the symptoms of cold and flu. The combination of eucalyptus, myrrh and cinnamon smell like medicated but I love it! I feel like it helps me breathe much better at night!

And these are my winter essentials! Let me know what you guys like to help you get through the cold winter months!



Fall Fashion Haul

I seem to have a habit of buying things and then forgetting to post about them for a month! Back in October when I had my reading break, I bought some clothes, shoes and accessories. I also bought some makeup and skincare, but I will save that for another post, since I will be doing a full review on those products.

So first I went shopping with my mom to Forever 21 (my favourite store). I will try to link what I can, but since things sell so quickly at Forever 21 I might not be able to find everything.

blue and white shirt

The first shirt I got was this navy and white stripped shirt. It fits loosely and has a shorter hemline but not quite cropped. I am surprised at how much I love this shirt. It’s not typically what I go for but I feel so polished when wearing this shirt. Price: $22.90

purple sweater

Next I got this crew neck, cropped lavender sweater. Now one of my favourite fashion Youtubers, Jen Im, came out with a clothing collection called Eggie. There is this beautiful purple fuzzy sweater that I would have purchased if I had the money, but I was able to find a similar one at Forever 21 but way cheaper. I think this lavender colours really stands out from all the dark fall colours, but paired with the right things can be really fun piece. Price: $22.90


I got another sweater because sweater are my weakness. This black turtleneck is quite different because the ends of the neck and the hem are frayed. Kind of tip toeing into the whole destroyed/hole-y look. The material is a little itchy around the neck but I’m not complaining since it wasn’t expensive. Price: $24.90


Excuse the blue tones of the photo, but next up is a pair of jeans from the Gap. I told my friend I needed a new pair and she took me to the Gap saying that they have the best jeans ever. So after trying on several pairs on jeans I decided to get their Mid Rise Curvy True Skinny ones. Luckily for me, when I went they were 40% off so I got them for $50 instead of $70.


Next I got two pairs of shoes. I got a pair of black ankle booties for Forever 21. A staple that I didn’t have but got at a reasonable price ($39.90). The second pair I got from DSW. They are the Mix No. 6 Alexcina Mule. I got the black faux leather ones. I was so happy to find such a nice fair for so cheap, most mules I was seeing online were double the price. These are very comfortable and look very stylish. Price: $29.99


Finally for accessories I got a belt and a pair of earrings. The earrings I got are from Forever 21 and are these fake diamond earring cuffs (Price: $7.90). Finally I got the belt from Forever 21 as well. I had been looking for a belt like this for some long and I am very happy to finally have one. Price: $12.90

And that is it for my fall fashion. Next time I will definitely try to post my haul sooner to the date of purchase so I can actually link the products I brought from Forever 21 for you guys!




Back to School Haul

Hey guys! So a couple weeks ago I went on a big back to school shopping haul! When I went to Forever 21, there weren’t many fall pieces out yet so I tried to get mostly transitional pieces. I also got some miscellaneous things from Chapters. The clothes are going to be hard to find, but I will link everything that I can find. I also got some makeup but I’m going to save that for another post otherwise this one will be really long.

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First I got a grey cropped top that says “Made in the 90s”. I wore this during my school’s Orientation Week since my program’s theme was 90s. Next I got this floral off the shoulder top. I think it’s perfect for fall since it has longer sleeves and is a dark floral. It is made of a silky fabric. Next I got a ribbed halter top similar to this one, but in burgundy (my favourite colour). I think this top because it is slightly longer than some other halter tops that I own so my belly is covered.  Also it may look small in the picture but it stretches out because of the material. Great top for casual going out night. Next I got this boho vibes tank top with red floral at the top. I think this top will be cute with jeans and a jacket for fall. Finally top is a grey suede tank top. The cut is very simple but the suede fabric makes it different. I wore this top and ripped black jeans when I went to the Green Day concert with my brother. A little grungy but something different.


Next I got two pairs of jeans from Forever 21. Now I am currently in between regular size and plus size at Forever 21 for jeans. Sometimes I fit in a 31 and other times I fit better in 12. Anyways both of the jeans I got were from the plus sized section. The first pair are black distressed jeans that I absolutely love. They’re edgy but can balance nicely against a dainty top. Love them! The second pair I got are these distressed denim jeans. I got them in denim wash. I accidentally got a size that is slightly too big but I lost the receipt so I’m just going to buy a belt to wear these! I love the wash and amount of rips in them. Very comfy jeans.

Lastly from Forever 21 I got two work out tops. Now my school has a policy where you can’t wear tank tops to the gym, and it is hard to find a not-tank not-cropped work out shirt. Luckily I found two, one long-sleeve and one short-sleeve. The long-sleeve one is grey and very soft. I will probably just wear it more as athletic-leisure than to the gym. The other top is similar to this one but short-sleeve. The material is almost see through so I will probably pair it with a cute sports bra.


I also got this cute hat! It was great during my school’s Welcome Week because it keeps my face covered from the sun but it’s also cute!


When I went to Aerie they had a really sale of all leggings for $35 so I picked up two pairs. They are in the same style just two different colours – True Black and Deep Plum. They are high waisted and have a pocket on the side. I have wore these leggings a few times and I already enjoy the quality of these.


Next I got a few cute things from Chapters. First I got a large marble pencil case because I needed a new one and marble is so trendy I love it! Also something nice about pencil cases from Chapters is that they come with pencils, an erasure and a pencil sharpener. Next I got a new notebook. I couldn’t resist when I saw this one. The cover is a soft fake leather and has the word “notebook” embossed in gold on top. It is a nice size and the pages are lined and OH I love it. Finally I got another candle (because you can never have too many candles!). It is Blond Tobac by the company Voluspa. It has notes of tobac, vanilla and sandlewood. It is a very neutral scent; not too feminine and not too masculine. My male housemates really like it!

And that is everything! I will be posting a makeup haul soon!




MASSIVE Summer Haul

Hey guys! So this post is a collection of this that I have gotten recently within the past few weeks. I have included everything from makeup, clothes, accessories and home decor. I have included pictures of everything that I got, and you can click on the picture to see it full sized. I unfortunately threw out all my receipts (good job Lea), so I will put the prices if I can find them! I hope my big summer haul gives you some inspiration for any summer shopping you will be doing!

The first store is Winners. I got a good mix of everything there!

First is this cute little planter, which as you can see from the price tag that I forgot to take off was $14.99. I love plants and this planter is nice than some of the brown plastic pots plants come in. Second I got this striped t-shirt dress. This made of a stretchy material and has lettuce hems. A very comfy and casual dress for everyday use. Next I got one of those Himalayan salt lamps for around $14. I’m not sure if it’s real but it’s so cute! It has a USB plug and so far works really well. Finally I got this flamingo mug that says Pretty in Pink inside. It’s funny because my boss loves flamingos so when I saw this mug I just had to get it!

Next I got two different candles, because I am obsessed with candles. The first is Coconut and Vanilla Bean from Yankee Candle. This candle just reminds me of vacation and summers. Second candle is from Anthropologie and it’s their mini Capri Blue Jar Candle. It is a citrusy scent with a hint of freshness – perfect summer scent. Then from Chapters I found this print in their sale section. It says “You’re just my type” and has a cute typewriter on it. Originally $15.00, I got this print for $4.50 and is still available online. Finally from Bed, Bath & Beyond I got this amazing cosmetic storage. I have been awhile for a good cosmetic organizer to put on top of my desk. While most people prefer acrylic ones, I actually prefer the look of this white one instead. It also has a very large drawer which is hard to fine. While it was expensive, I used a 25% off coupon to bring the price down.

Next I went to a sidewalk downtown in my city and was able to get a lot of clothes at a great discounted price. Unfortunately since all these items were on clearance I cannot link any of them. First I got a pair of super comfy sweatpants from Roots. Roots sweatpants are quite expensive, but I was able to get these for $30 off. The rest of the stuff I got was from Mendocino, a great (but expensive) Canadian store. While the stuff at Mendocino is quite expensive, it is good quality and they have really good sales. Last year I was able to get a $400 sweater for $30. So first I got a grey lace-up sweater. The laces are ribbon and the sweater material is quite soft. Next I got this flowy grey shorts. I originally grabbed the shorts to try shirts on with since I wore a dress to the store, but I found the shorts so comfortable that I decided to buy them. They also wear very differently on the body compared to on the hanger. Next I got this grey and white striped shirt. This shirt is definitely meant for the winter but it’s so simple that I can wait and just wear it next year. Finally I got this simple black tank dress. I love this dress. It’s cotton and flowy so it is very comfortable to wear but looks very stylish.


Of course I went to Sephora and pick up a few things. First I got the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream for my mother. It was apart of a gift set that I gave my mother for Christmas and she loved it so much so I decided to buy her another one since she recently first the other tube. Next I need something to clean my brushes and beauty sponges, so I decided to give the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser. This is great because it is meant to clean both sponges and brushes. It is very simple to use – so far I like it! I also decided to get a lip gloss. I forget who but some Youtube recommended the Bare Minerals GEN NUDE Buttercream Lipglosses and decided to give them a try. I am in love! I got the shade Must Have and it is the perfect every day gloss. It gives some colour and shine to the lips, but best of all it does not feel too goopy. I already know this is going to be a favourite. Finally I got a sample of the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. I really like the scent of this cream but it is so strong. If you are sensitive to scents this might be too much. I am still unsure if I will buy the full size because it is so strong.

Finally, a summer haul would not be complete without going to Forever 21! First I got some accessories. I found this super cute holographic, mermaid scale print makeup bag. It is everything I want in life. I might use this as a pencil case instead of a makeup bag, haven’t decided, but when I saw this bag I just knew I needed it in my life. Next I got two chokers because they were buy one get one free. I got a black one with a tiny gemstone and a denim one with embroidery on it. Finally for accessories I got these silver hoops. I already opened a pair of hoops but they were very large, this pair is the perfect size!

Then I also got some clothing. First I got this combo white shirt and lace slip dress. I could not find the exact one online but this one is similar in style and this one similar in colour. This 90s style dress is super popular and it’s nice because the shirt and dress come together. Next I got these cuffed black corduroy shorts. The fit a little big but are super comfortable. Finally I got two different off the shoulder tops because they are currently my favourite thing. Unfortunately I can’t find either of these tops online but there are many similar ones! The first I got is a black one with little cactus on them. What I really like about this one is there is a liner instead it so I don’t have to wore about wearing a bra with it. The other one is something a blue and white striped off the shoulder top. I have been looking for a shirt like this for so long. I am happy to finally find one!

And that is it for my massive summer haul! This post took me so long to make with all the pictures, writing and web searching I had to do so I hope you guys enjoy it!